USA Basketball Fans VS European Basketball Fans

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  1. HarrisCB2007

    HarrisCB2007Prieš 7 val

    Most of the European fans are Eastern European’s or Greeks so yes they will be crazy

  2. Никола С.

    Никола С.Prieš 14 val


  3. Никола С.

    Никола С.Prieš 14 val


  4. Dejan Petkovic

    Dejan PetkovicPrieš dieną

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="490">8:10</a> Serbia

  5. Ski Dog

    Ski DogPrieš dieną

    I’ve seen moments of silence louder than American atmosphere

  6. Babis Karkatselis

    Babis KarkatselisPrieš dieną greece to καυλωσεις

  7. oscar ward

    oscar wardPrieš 3 dienas

    Probs the only yank that knows what he’s talkin bout

  8. Linkarap

    LinkarapPrieš 4 dienas

    All teams in video, except two, are Greek basketball teams. For us Greeks supporting our team is like religion, we live for it, we take it seriously. You Americans are a bit soft as fans, more of a show, no offense. You should check football atmoshpere next. It's another level of madness 🔥🔥

  9. Vaske Dasic

    Vaske DasicPrieš 6 dienų

    Welcome to BEOGRAD

  10. Armin

    ArminPrieš 7 dienų

    Fans of Kk Partizan and KK Red Stars Serbia. I can take you there if you want.

  11. Antonis Giann

    Antonis GiannPrieš 8 dienų


  12. Georgios Lamprinoudakis

    Georgios LamprinoudakisPrieš 9 dienų more Greeks...

  13. Rannon

    RannonPrieš 9 dienų

    Can't say anything about the timing and whatever but I just came from a football comparison and at least there it seemed more like it was the stadium/the teams that organised everything and tried to rile up the fans while the Europe one was all fan participation. Wait, national anthem in a national competition - Eh, I guess if you're afraid of forgetting where you are... <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="430">7:10</a> I have no idea of what happened but I hope it was the audience trolling everyone else! :D

  14. PEPAJ

    PEPAJPrieš 11 dienų

    Im not Greek,Im not a Serb but Im proud to be from Balkans

  15. Sofija Banovic

    Sofija BanovicPrieš 11 dienų

    Шокиро се брат,идемоо ДЕЛИЈЕ🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🔴⚪️

  16. Savina Kazantzaki

    Savina KazantzakiPrieš 12 dienų

    τριφυλλαρα ρε

  17. Vitor Gonçalves

    Vitor GonçalvesPrieš 13 dienų

    In Europe clubs are not just one sport it’s many sports and football ultras supports any own team sports the same way whatever if it’s basket or hockey or football

  18. Panthera

    PantheraPrieš 14 dienų

    Is it me or the US anthem is a buzzkiller? If that is done before each game no wonder everyone is so timid... all the life is sucked out by the anthem. No offense, just an observation.

  19. El Kendu

    El KenduPrieš 15 dienų

    He say it's loud and he forgot that he low up the volume

  20. Con Ktr

    Con KtrPrieš 15 dienų

    man if you ever visit Greece ill gladly take you to a game from my team PANATHINAIKOS BC. You can see us at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="760">12:40</a>. Once in every true basketball fan's life you must experience the atmosphere of the game.

  21. John Borgia

    John BorgiaPrieš 16 dienų

    greeks man greeks and only the greeks......the loudest

  22. Fener’e ışık tut FB

    Fener’e ışık tut FBPrieš 18 dienų

    Fenerbahçe 🟡🔵

  23. Paige

    PaigePrieš 18 dienų

    I live in the UK and have been to some basketball games and it wasn't nearly as good as are football games it was kinda dead and the crowd was small but that's plainly because the following is so much smaller here so it's hard to compare 🤷‍♀️ Ok after watching America sorry but the games gave no atmosphere I'm so thankful to be English and be able to attend football matches 🙏🙏🙏⚽️

  24. WG RaZZdoLL31

    WG RaZZdoLL31Prieš 18 dienų


  25. M267

    M267Prieš 18 dienų

    Many clubs in Europe have different sports to it, so clubs would have a Football(Soccer), Basketball, Water Polo, Ice Hockey ect. Ultras follow there club not a sport so will go to all games there club plays not just a sport hence why the atmosphere is so incredible at basketball games in Europe

  26. Jowsa 0

    Jowsa 0Prieš 21 dieną

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="458">7:38</a> that's just how we celebrate and cheer

  27. Milos Ivanovic

    Milos IvanovicPrieš 22 dienas

  28. Goran Trajkov

    Goran TrajkovPrieš 23 dienas watch this partizan belgrade

  29. rebellion 1

    rebellion 1Prieš 23 dienas


  30. Tobias Wagner

    Tobias WagnerPrieš 23 dienas U hv to see connor watching his first german soccer game

  31. Sharks Club

    Sharks ClubPrieš 24 dienas

    Where is Olympiacos?

  32. Nickmark 6

    Nickmark 6Prieš 25 dienų

    ARIS REEEEEEEEEE <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="347">5:47</a>

  33. Eu Alin

    Eu AlinPrieš 25 dienų

    If it weren't for Europe, America would never exist. Europe is the most important continent on earth. Everything was invented in Europe. America is a modern copy of Europe

  34. 100,000 subscriber challenge

    100,000 subscriber challengePrieš 26 dienų

    The person who made this just got the worst clips for USA and the best clips for Europe For USA they could’ve put the Cameron crazies, Utah State, Kansas JayHawks, and Auburn.

  35. Milos Ivanovic

    Milos IvanovicPrieš 22 dienas

    Fuck u this is someting not in the video

  36. Argy Texas

    Argy TexasPrieš 26 dienų

    This is the GREEK BASKETBALL

  37. P1nkR

    P1nkRPrieš 27 dienų

    Europe: more noise is made America: less people die I'm still on the fence on this one...

  38. Sumski Duh

    Sumski DuhPrieš 27 dienų

    From 8.10 they singing " zvezda leeee , zvezda leeee. " in english " star leeee , star leeee" club name is " Red Star" from Belgrade , Serbia . and fans name is " delije " ultras. You must gou there's ADRENALIN EXPLOSION . serbian and greece .

  39. Luís Carlsson

    Luís CarlssonPrieš 29 dienų

    The sports culture in US is very different than in Europe. Here the clubs are the fans. Every club in all european countries have ultras, they follow the team, their city/country in any sport, they used pyros and masks and shit, they spend the week around the club. In US is just a show, is totally diferent. Thats why americans will never understand the football clubs in Europe.

  40. Dixie ,

    Dixie ,Prieš mėn


  41. Isaaq La'aantii Waqooyi iyo koonfur Midoobi Maayan

    Isaaq La'aantii Waqooyi iyo koonfur Midoobi MaayanPrieš mėn

    The difference is Europeans are more passionate and enjoyment in sports where the Americans are more commercialized , that's the difference atmosphere when it comes to sport

  42. aleksandar zlatanovic

    aleksandar zlatanovicPrieš mėn Red Star Belgrade (Crvena Zvezda) No#1 Just Passion

  43. gio_1312 biancoverde

    gio_1312 biancoverdePrieš mėn

    Passion about our team 💪 feel the madness. PANATHINAIKOS GATE 13 WAY OF LIFE

  44. steven adriaens

    steven adriaensPrieš mėn

    imagine when walking on the field hearing lits a fire in you ,make's u go for the full 100%

  45. Nikola Pantić

    Nikola PantićPrieš mėn

    welcome to Serbia and Greece

  46. benjamin hiwale

    benjamin hiwalePrieš mėn

    Dude, we Indians sing our national anthem in the beginning at a movie theatre

  47. ltoz77

    ltoz77Prieš mėn

    ARIS k den eimai kalaaaa

  48. Haitam Chioua

    Haitam ChiouaPrieš mėn

    reactttt thisisssssss videooooooooooooo

  49. n1kola

    n1kolaPrieš mėn

    Ultras support same club in all sports.

  50. JBasilix

    JBasilixPrieš mėn

    I think the reason why USA sports events don´t have these organized chants and stuff is because the entertainment and hype gets dictated by the event holder with all that pre game and break show stuff. There simply is no room and need for fan clubs to figure stuff like that out for themselfes. And since all of the hype gets dictated by corporate it feels artificial and doesn´t really draw you in, in comparison to chants actual die hard fans made.

  51. Prometheus

    PrometheusPrieš mėn

    Greek fans are totally crazy, check this one out

  52. Free_Eagle

    Free_EaglePrieš mėn

    EUROPE Powerfull !!

  53. Gaetano Chiaro

    Gaetano ChiaroPrieš mėn

    in usa all is fake, there is no passion. All is a pay for entertainment, all have a price. In europe all things are more genuine, unchained for the dictatorship of the market. In europe supporting but other aspect of Life too are more true, usa Sadly is a big market and a big hollywood....

  54. Victor Gabriel Pimpinatti

    Victor Gabriel PimpinattiPrieš mėn

    this is why luka doncic doesnt care bout to play for big crowds in NBA

  55. Μιχάλης Καρατζας

    Μιχάλης ΚαρατζαςPrieš mėn

    Ναι ρε μαλακά μπάσκετ ειναι

  56. canala973

    canala973Prieš mėn

    the real passion for basketball is in the countries of the former Yugoslavia Turkey Greece see Italy where Spain next to the USA it is a peaceful atmosphere



    Panathinaikos gate 13 ( GAY 7 )

  58. a b

    a bPrieš mėn

    in europe we call the flares as 'greek fire' the first european video is from greece.. : ) if u wanna see some craziness from inside type this : horto magiko (theres english translation in the description) have fun guys ! : )

  59. Cem_44

    Cem_44Prieš mėn

    How Jesse Pinkman would say: Europe bitch!!!

  60. Nuno Correia

    Nuno CorreiaPrieš mėn

    Dont forget in Europe clubs are more than only football. Most have more than one sport. Exemple my team Sporting Portugal ( were CR7 started) we have 55 diferent sports and athlets. Football, Basket, Futsal, Volley, Rugby. Swimming, tennis, Etc.. 55 of them . And manny of the ultras you see in the football game we also see in the other sports events. We support the clube and not only the sport.

  61. Vasilis Tsironis

    Vasilis TsironisPrieš mėn

    Can inask you something? SPORTS REACTION channel and the video is BASKETBALLS Fans and atmosphere USA vs Europe REACTION. Who is stealing from who the video? Or both of you stole those from another source??

  62. Vasilis Tsironis

    Vasilis TsironisPrieš mėn

    The first video is from Greece . The yellow team is ARIS from Thessaloniki (second biggest city in Greece) and when the match started I think they are playing with another team from the city (Thessaloniki) which I believe they are the wildest in country.This team is named PAOK. Also the 3rd video is PANATHINAIKOS (greens) from Athens . One of the most historical athletic clubs in Greece.. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ It’s written on the left of the video. It’s Panathinaikos VS Barcelona in 2011 at OAKA STADIUM in Greece (Panathinaikos home )

  63. Aaron LFC*YNWA*

    Aaron LFC*YNWA*Prieš mėn

    This is the main reason that Fans are no 1 in every club..they help bring the club up!!

  64. Aaron LFC*YNWA*

    Aaron LFC*YNWA*Prieš mėn

    The european fans are trying to make their opponents player scared before the match..and the fans are just ecstastic and electric

  65. Joan Egea

    Joan EgeaPrieš mėn

    why you always put your anthem? you look folks with the fucking anthem everytime you breath. But nice reaction guy, good video.

  66. Oliver Onderišin

    Oliver OnderišinPrieš mėn

    Go to Spain to see a good football. Go to England see best fans. Go to Grece and Serbia to die.

  67. crazy_goat

    crazy_goatPrieš mėn

    All this in the USA is organised by the stadium?

  68. Dragonovus

    DragonovusPrieš mėn

    if he only knew what poustarades meant :p

  69. Παυλος Γιαννοπουλος

    Παυλος ΓιαννοπουλοςPrieš mėn


  70. Davide

    DavidePrieš mėn

    The fans at american sport events are acting like in a show. We football fans in europa are more spontaneously

  71. Davide

    DavidePrieš mėn

    Like that you Americans love your country so much that you sing the anthem so often. But did you hear the italians national anthem in a stadium? Thats amazing 😍🇮🇹❤️

  72. Omer Sarı

    Omer SarıPrieš mėn


  73. Solodolo

    SolodoloPrieš mėn

    That US national anthem one was cool

  74. R21 1312

    R21 1312Prieš 2 mėnesius


  75. sasa jalusic

    sasa jalusicPrieš 2 mėnesius

    reaction bad bul boys vs toecida

  76. Rafael Andriotis

    Rafael AndriotisPrieš 2 mėnesius

    That was not Europe it was greece and Serbia and most ultras are crazier in football you should do a video about football Greece ultras

  77. Todor Kajkut

    Todor KajkutPrieš 2 mėnesius

    That's not EUROPE That's Serbiaaaaaaaa🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

  78. Todor Kajkut

    Todor KajkutPrieš 2 mėnesius

    At 5:50

  79. kishan gurung

    kishan gurungPrieš 2 mėnesius

    In USA it sports franchises whereas in Europe its sports club which is linked with the place it is located.

  80. Adam thenextMvP

    Adam thenextMvPPrieš 2 mėnesius

    Try to see moroccan ultras in basketball game

  81. Yes No

    Yes NoPrieš 2 mėnesius

    What's the deal with Americans and fire? What's so scary about a flare??? No one ever died by a flare being light indoors. Wtf do you guys think a flare is?? It's just a little smoke, no big deal

  82. Лука Јовановић

    Лука ЈовановићPrieš 2 mėnesius