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Best Dog Competition

Best Dog Competition

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Horrible Preacher

Horrible Preacher

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Police Hate Swear Words
DBZ Kakarot Is An Easy Game
Epcot Food Is Awful

Epcot Food Is Awful

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Onision vs Chris Hansen
Masterchef Rage and Fury
I Stay Greasy

I Stay Greasy

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Motivational Joker Community
Dragons' Den Is Wild

Dragons' Den Is Wild

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Cats From Hell

Cats From Hell

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Justin Bieber Is Desperate
Moist Meter | 1917

Moist Meter | 1917

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There Is No Killer Bean 2
Fanciest Restaurant In Florida
Anime Obsession

Anime Obsession

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The Grudge Is Horrible

The Grudge Is Horrible

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Lego Is For Real Men

Lego Is For Real Men

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Legoland Is Better Than Disney
6 Teens Try To Find Boomer
I Own The Rarest CD Ever Made
Moist Meter | Vinland Saga
Reylo Fandom Has Gone Insane
Decade Review

Decade Review

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The Worst 5 Games of 2019
The Best 5 Games of 2019

The Best 5 Games of 2019

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Hot Sauce Doesn't Hurt Me
New York Christmas Experience
Moist Meter | The Mandalorian
The Worst 5 Movies of 2019
Weird Hobbies

Weird Hobbies

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The Best 5 Movies of 2019
Unlikely Heroes

Unlikely Heroes

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Performance Art Is Bad

Performance Art Is Bad

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I Am The Grease Machine

I Am The Grease Machine

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Cats is Horrible

Cats is Horrible

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Masterchef Is Wild
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VR Makes Me Sick

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Atlantic Rim

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Motel Fight

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Your Worst Enemy

Your Worst Enemy

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Horrible DJs

Horrible DJs

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  1. Daddy Senpai

    Daddy SenpaiPrieš sekundę

    My god the entitlement

  2. Bruce Mccauley

    Bruce MccauleyPrieš 12 sekundžių

    Needs more mayonnaise

  3. stupid shit gaming

    stupid shit gamingPrieš 13 sekundžių

    I don't know if she's acting like a retard or is a retard but thats just offense for people of mental disabilitie

  4. ninoreka

    ninorekaPrieš 13 sekundžių

    Don’t give her any attention Just let it pass by like a silent fart

  5. kinneas

    kinneasPrieš 13 sekundžių

    "HOW CAN YOU WATCH TWITCH FOR 5 HOURS STRAIGHT AND NOT HAVE 5 DOLLARS!?!?" If you're spending 5 hours watching Twitch, you're probably not that smart enough to be financially astute.

  6. Camron Toney

    Camron ToneyPrieš 21 sekundę

    Do some tricks and they will pay

  7. young Donkey Kong

    young Donkey KongPrieš 29 sekundžių

    Nice lol

  8. Demon Samurai Hanzo

    Demon Samurai HanzoPrieš 41 sekundę


  9. Yourname942

    Yourname942Prieš 46 sekundžių

    Entitlement: the stream

  10. Hicksy

    HicksyPrieš 50 sekundžių

    Uuuuuuuuugggggghhhhhh I want to cave her skull in

  11. Navid Taj

    Navid TajPrieš minutę

    Twitch is cancer to gaming. Fuck all you idiots who use that site.

  12. nick baldwin

    nick baldwinPrieš minutę

    This is the most moist

  13. sandysalads 03

    sandysalads 03Prieš minutę

    I'd smash doe😳

  14. Adam Beers

    Adam BeersPrieš minutę

    By Comrade Stalin, someone please put her in a gulag.

  15. Kepler

    KeplerPrieš minutę

    Plot twist: this was the biggest troll to some guy who just approached her.

  16. Sami Tynninen

    Sami TynninenPrieš minutę

    How much so I never have to watch her?

  17. Valenski

    ValenskiPrieš 2 minutes

    How about you get a REAL job instead of begging people for free money?

  18. Jonnnayyy

    JonnnayyyPrieš 2 minutes

    oml penguin is trying to hide the fact that he beat up jason

  19. ShacoSucks

    ShacoSucksPrieš 2 minutes

    "How du have time to watch twitch the hole day but not 5 dollar " The answer is right there

  20. Itchi Back

    Itchi BackPrieš 2 minutes

    Actually reporting you for ending the video at 29 killstreak

  21. Kyle Kelly

    Kyle KellyPrieš 2 minutes

    Those burgers at 8:21 look over cooked for my liking.

  22. Hoden Krebs

    Hoden KrebsPrieš 2 minutes

    those eyebrows thicker than my buttplugs

  23. super karblack

    super karblackPrieš 3 minutes

    She would be a good apple employee

  24. NewportKings69

    NewportKings69Prieš 3 minutes

    Yeah this is clearly a fetish. Her viewers are a bunch of horny old dudes that like being humiliated

  25. AtlasMoon

    AtlasMoonPrieš 3 minutes

    The lack of music lmao

  26. KHABIB TIME!!!

    KHABIB TIME!!!Prieš 3 minutes

    Honestly as an guy who has gone through hard times fuck this pig. Hope she falls to death

  27. phantom

    phantomPrieš 3 minutes


  28. dan k

    dan kPrieš 3 minutes

    Fucking disgust me people like this entitled little bitch who demands people pay when it free to watch maybe get a real job with reliable money their are people who bust their arse off every week to put food on the table and this bitch just sits there doing nothing

  29. 7 Deadly Sinz

    7 Deadly SinzPrieš 4 minutes

    Saving money not paying for your time wtf.. You do it because you want to. I agree rather pay to see someone finger bang themself!

  30. Anthony Pagano

    Anthony PaganoPrieš 4 minutes

    I would’ve never guessed that was his wife. Their conversation seems so awkward.

  31. 87 Seconds - Short Videos on Fun Facts - 10k Subs

    87 Seconds - Short Videos on Fun Facts - 10k SubsPrieš 4 minutes

    What's her twitch channel name?

  32. Brandon Stoiles

    Brandon StoilesPrieš 4 minutes

    Stupid bitch

  33. Mikey Von Doom

    Mikey Von DoomPrieš 5 minučių

    Ah Bad Bunny, Followed her since like day 1, then unfollowed when she got real shitty. seriously. She just played into all the trolls.

  34. Dimi Dimi

    Dimi DimiPrieš 5 minučių

    Im 3 Years Old And Im Questioning my Generation.

  35. Blinking Lamborghini

    Blinking LamborghiniPrieš 5 minučių

    Can someone link me to her channel I’m not gonna sub or click on any of her videos I am just pretty curious

  36. Dali Z

    Dali ZPrieš 5 minučių

    I leech

  37. Armin Cal

    Armin CalPrieš 6 minučių

    All the young women are fat :D

  38. Cappy-o

    Cappy-oPrieš 6 minučių

    I bet she's a feminist too

  39. Boneskullzy

    BoneskullzyPrieš 6 minučių

    This is a great sound... but fucking damn, Charlie. Never sing again, please.

  40. some kind of goth

    some kind of gothPrieš 6 minučių

    Liberals man

  41. Tristan Davies

    Tristan DaviesPrieš 6 minučių

    She big mad

  42. Nezoxy

    NezoxyPrieš 7 minučių

    read it as "The Greatest Streamer on Twitch "

  43. sprung-out gamer

    sprung-out gamerPrieš 7 minučių

    What’s this girls name

  44. Dr. Nicolas

    Dr. NicolasPrieš 7 minučių

    Joel vargskelethor is one of those streamers that shames you for giving him money or bits on stream, and begs you to stop and save your money for charity events, joel is a poop head but at least he is humble, unlike this bitch.

  45. Kyle Syamken

    Kyle SyamkenPrieš 7 minučių

    Honestly just let her be. It's natural selection for anyone who believes this...

  46. M B

    M BPrieš 7 minučių

    Fuck you i love this thing

  47. Pit Wizard

    Pit WizardPrieš 7 minučių

    BuT i'M nOt StOpPiN' tHeRe!!!

  48. Dat 1 Black guy You Know

    Dat 1 Black guy You KnowPrieš 8 minučių

    "YOU ARE LEECHING!" This Bitch makes reaction videos on twitch with no editing, she needs to shut her crack head velma from scooby doo lookin ass up.

  49. Ariel Romero

    Ariel RomeroPrieš 8 minučių

    Why not just charge 5 dollars to watch the content? Who ever wants to watch pays whoever doesnt doesnt lol

  50. Icarus Pita

    Icarus PitaPrieš 8 minučių

    Vyacheslav Zezuly is the name of the beast that slapped down Vasily Kamotskyi in the last tournament like so Charlie can see this

  51. bruh momento

    bruh momentoPrieš 8 minučių

    Everybody gangster until moist critikal makes a video on them

  52. hiczok

    hiczokPrieš 8 minučių

    Meanwhile amazing streamers like lobosjr don't get enough

  53. LordManHammer Dingus

    LordManHammer DingusPrieš 8 minučių

    Trash get a real job fucking bum!

  54. Sniper Schiavo

    Sniper SchiavoPrieš 9 minučių

    I'll be so happy in the day that she DIE.

  55. The Great Guy 42069

    The Great Guy 42069Prieš 9 minučių

    Average leftist

  56. Taylor Tappin

    Taylor TappinPrieš 9 minučių

    Charlie how dare you disrespect banjo kazooie like that?

  57. Billy Luu

    Billy LuuPrieš 9 minučių

    Keanu Reeves lookalike goes to arcade

  58. Demon Samurai Hanzo

    Demon Samurai HanzoPrieš 9 minučių

    Kidz bop LMFAOOOOO!!!!!

  59. Ashley Jay

    Ashley JayPrieš 10 minučių

    You’re not worth $5 bit. What are YOU doing with your time being on twitch? Loser

  60. Nekojiru

    NekojiruPrieš 10 minučių


  61. Jonathan McDonald

    Jonathan McDonaldPrieš 10 minučių

    Are you fucking seerriousss

  62. Razmakai

    RazmakaiPrieš 10 minučių

    Because I'd rather spend $5 on a burger than sub to a greedy ass like hers. Then I could eat burger, watch stream and have a nap while leaving stream on in background xD

  63. ProdByCason

    ProdByCasonPrieš 10 minučių

    Dude chocolate starfish... I cried

  64. Dark Luna

    Dark LunaPrieš 10 minučių

    what the actual fuck. ugh..

  65. Blinking Lamborghini

    Blinking LamborghiniPrieš 10 minučių

    *does not get any subs or donations from the past hour* This girl: *This is beyond science*

  66. Ben RNG

    Ben RNGPrieš 10 minučių

    Reminds me of Toby Sheldon. Strictly the same thing.

  67. Game Replays

    Game ReplaysPrieš 10 minučių

    Lol she thinks she's a very important person

  68. Fingerdashpro 14

    Fingerdashpro 14Prieš 10 minučių

    She should quit twitch get a job work for a whole month and try to spend 5$ for someone that does nothing all day just watch others videos on youtube.

  69. Jop BeasTLY

    Jop BeasTLYPrieš 10 minučių

    mike is a simp

  70. BigK0003

    BigK0003Prieš 10 minučių

    fuck everything about this bitch! and her nails on a chalk board voice. who was watching this waste of space?

  71. Faith Alexandria Oglesby

    Faith Alexandria OglesbyPrieš 11 minučių

    Drag this bitch

  72. Adrian Cuyubamba Diaz

    Adrian Cuyubamba DiazPrieš 11 minučių

    I would subscribe and donate if she shoved her fingers into her butthole

  73. meme marc

    meme marcPrieš 11 minučių

    this channel's upload frequency is terrific

  74. Asad Melibaev

    Asad MelibaevPrieš 11 minučių

    Her voice makes me cringe

  75. Adil Waheed

    Adil WaheedPrieš 11 minučių

    Rich from review tech USA called

  76. Odin Griffen

    Odin GriffenPrieš 11 minučių

    Whats a twitch? Lol that mike guy looks like jared from subway and that hand and facial expression at 6 min makes me think he touches little boys like jared as well.

  77. Sony Black

    Sony BlackPrieš 11 minučių

    People who actually watch her are bigger idiots than she is.

  78. Peter kaem

    Peter kaemPrieš 11 minučių

    Why is there a 14yr old in his house?

  79. Chris Dalton

    Chris DaltonPrieš 11 minučių

    Something I've always wanted to see in a Dbz game is a feature where you can wear weighted armor. Before a fight begins you get to decide if you want to fight at full strength for standard exp. Or you can handicap your abilities by wearing heavy training armor but get a x1.5 exp boost

  80. Mist Garry

    Mist GarryPrieš 11 minučių

    (Thomas had seen enough it’s time for him to leave)

  81. KarateCaveman

    KarateCavemanPrieš 11 minučių

    She's the Female Onision

  82. skitzo

    skitzoPrieš 12 minučių


  83. Big Chungus

    Big ChungusPrieš 12 minučių

    Jerry’s gone down hill sadly

  84. yeet yeet

    yeet yeetPrieš 12 minučių

    Brown balloon knot 😂😂😂😂

  85. Kit Kat

    Kit KatPrieš 12 minučių

    Her twitch is in the top on her shortcuts. Forgot to blur that out m8. It’s BadBunny.

  86. Dewald Rautenbach

    Dewald RautenbachPrieš 12 minučių

    20 dollars is 20 dollars

  87. Ryan Cooper

    Ryan CooperPrieš 13 minučių

    I don't even watch streamers live on twitch and I'm offended.

  88. Aidan Q

    Aidan QPrieš 13 minučių

    “Maker finds a photograph of Johns wife with another man” made me burst out laughing im in a library rn

  89. ShyPoke

    ShyPokePrieš 13 minučių

    Oh wow the shoulder touching bit was more cringe than I was expecting lol

  90. Timothy Jones

    Timothy JonesPrieš 13 minučių

    Hay strippers are cheaper then therapist

  91. Gava XS

    Gava XSPrieš 13 minučių

    6:08 why do i remember seeing those things?

  92. Sarthak Shah

    Sarthak ShahPrieš 13 minučių

    "How do you not have 5 dollars?" Donated it to

  93. styx

    styxPrieš 13 minučių

    Not my cup of cum in deaaaad

  94. kevin parcour

    kevin parcourPrieš 13 minučių

    she uses an ad block and ask 5 dollar because we watch her so called "content" because she felt that we obligated to do that while she watch someone youtube content with adblock on. i don't even know how her logic work.

  95. Prism Quartz

    Prism QuartzPrieš 13 minučių

    Those actors earned their paychecks. I don't think I could act that out with a straight face.

  96. YaBoiCosmo

    YaBoiCosmoPrieš 13 minučių

    She’s a lefty who complains that people are mooching, lol.

  97. quzat0r

    quzat0rPrieš 14 minučių

    تبن لي و لكم ، الله موجود

  98. kannoli

    kannoliPrieš 14 minučių


  99. Sandi Dedić

    Sandi DedićPrieš 14 minučių

    Hi id like two kegs of yours.

  100. Dr. Nicolas

    Dr. NicolasPrieš 14 minučių

    Make porn that the only way you gonna get money with that attitude