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  1. flamingo

    flamingoPrieš 23 val

    put it in your mouth and it comes in your mouth

  2. Paolo Reyes

    Paolo ReyesPrieš 23 val

    I always wanted to try d n d but i think in my country its not possible hahahah because they never played it

  3. luhole

    luholePrieš 23 val

    Triggered by Jamie putting the cereal boxes in the wrong way for the entire second half of the video.

  4. mia.valdivia8

    mia.valdivia8Prieš 23 val

    So why couldn’t they get a backpack?

  5. Zahra Fadayi

    Zahra FadayiPrieš 23 val

    My bad I just realized I wasn’t subscribed yet so I made sure I pushed that red button 🤗🤗🤗

  6. SimplyJenna315453

    SimplyJenna315453Prieš 23 val

    “At least 500k video” Video currently at 3 million views

  7. Eileen Ron

    Eileen RonPrieš 23 val

    Eugene: "Is Wendy dead?" 😂

  8. Meeki Beeks

    Meeki BeeksPrieš 23 val

    No matter how many times I’ve watched this (which is quite a few now) it never fails to make me cry. It’s so beautiful and powerful. I think everyone that has ever struggled with their sexuality or some aspect of themselves that they are afraid won’t be accepted can relate to some part of this video. It’s so hard to go through life trying to make all the “right” choices and even harder to be able to decide that we are tired of trying to be people we’re not. For me personally the most powerful parts are the orange and yellow. I remember wanting to be “good” and trying to hide how I felt and who I was so that God and my mother would still love me. Then falling in love for the first time with another woman. Realizing I was in love with her felt like coming home to a place I never knew I missed. Loving her was exactly what I needed though to stop being afraid of what anyone would think of me. She passed away years ago and I miss her all the time but I’m so glad I got to have her in my life at all because I would have never been able to be myself without her.

  9. DeMarc DeGasol

    DeMarc DeGasolPrieš 23 val

    These guys are so soy that it’s unbearable

  10. Jicka Mint

    Jicka MintPrieš 23 val

    More d&d pls

  11. Minimax Girl

    Minimax GirlPrieš 23 val

    OMG I live in the town covered in mist (Budva Montenegro)

  12. Kasumi0001

    Kasumi0001Prieš 23 val


  13. Looter Bugz

    Looter BugzPrieš 23 val

    1:36 😂😂

  14. Thekla

    TheklaPrieš 23 val

    I am a bit confused about the lion's milk cocktail? I mean is it really a cocktail just because it changes colour with water? Maybe because i am Greek and i am accustomed to this happening with raki, ouzo and tzipouro, but it seems a bit weird to me to call it a cocktail 😅

  15. elisabethLR

    elisabethLRPrieš 23 val

    I want moooore! Do moooore!!

  16. The Twilight Zone

    The Twilight ZonePrieš 23 val

    Ok I’m gonna save up to eat everything

  17. Izzy B Uke

    Izzy B UkePrieš 23 val

    I think this is one of my favourite videos that you guys have ever done. I havent laughed this hard in ages!! <3

  18. Phie

    PhiePrieš 23 val

    Why does nobody get's the Monty Python reference

  19. Hannah Adams

    Hannah AdamsPrieš 23 val

    I keep getting whiplash from y'all being like the mystical Snowdonia but like... It's just a region in Wales. It's not that mystical. It has a mountain... It gets cold.

  20. Dragon Bolt

    Dragon BoltPrieš 23 val

    Eugene: you feed it, you SLEEP IT!

  21. Jasmine Wong

    Jasmine WongPrieš 23 val

    ok i disagree strongly with this.. 1st place : zach 2nd place : eugene 3rd place : ned 4th place : keith zach is first place bc bagels aren’t supposed to be sweet. like keiths it would technically be a muffin. ned and eugene’s bagels flavor was a bit unconventional. but eugene’s is a bit more creative than ned.

  22. Lexi Grimbrooke

    Lexi GrimbrookePrieš 23 val

    No Zach, no one has a picture of a triceratops 😂😂😂 Seriously though, this looks amazing! Ariel is SO talented, and Eugene KILLED that wall!!!

  23. Zeeb Beeb

    Zeeb BeebPrieš 23 val

    Wow Keith, you're so vegan I bet all the other vegans just love you!

  24. Overlordbaal8000

    Overlordbaal8000Prieš 23 val

    Eugenes character is the best!

  25. Zasya Shah

    Zasya ShahPrieš 23 val

    Whenever the try guys bake or cooking something,Eugene is the only one who add large amount of Alcohol.

  26. luhole

    luholePrieš 23 val

    "I take umbrage with their lie"!? Dead set that is an adult in a child's body.

  27. a i

    a iPrieš 23 val

    team phill

  28. Emma king.

    Emma king.Prieš 23 val

    Tasty is the biggest baking channel on LTgo

  29. Human Person

    Human PersonPrieš 23 val

    I hate how people can still think the LGBTQ+ community is against god’s words. Between homophobes and The community, homophobes are the ones going against god’s words. God created this word for everyone to love and respect who they want. He created people to believe in THEIR god, THEIR religion. He created people to love WHO they want and WHY they love them. He created this world for all of us to come together and respect each other. God still loves the community, but he’s waiting for the homophobes to apologize, because god loves giving out his forgiveness but he can’t give it out without an apology.

  30. evie jo

    evie joPrieš 23 val

    god i love dungeons and dragons 🥺

  31. Jessica Wilson

    Jessica WilsonPrieš 23 val

    Did anyone catch that “Snowdonia and the Ruby Mist” is from the episode where Keith ate a bunch of cheese😂

  32. Paulinah Zisis

    Paulinah ZisisPrieš 23 val

    They should watch human birth.

  33. Shawn Williams

    Shawn WilliamsPrieš 23 val

    Clicks play...hopes to not be made fun of

  34. Zeeb Beeb

    Zeeb BeebPrieš 23 val

    "90-95 percent vegan " 1. That doesn't make any sense, you're either vegan or not 2. You're a self reightous cuck

  35. Azrael Tarquin

    Azrael TarquinPrieš 23 val

    Try guys: *makes Les than a 20 minute video making a character and playing* Me: *spends 6 hours on one charactor*

  36. Dem0nixx

    Dem0nixxPrieš 23 val

    I actually have an elf bard named Zach whoopsie

  37. Chicken with a knife

    Chicken with a knifePrieš 23 val

    The only characteristic they know is "strong"... so annoying 😬

  38. Vie McCarthy

    Vie McCarthyPrieš 23 val

    Please make this a series. I have never wanted something more.

  39. Sherlina Aurel

    Sherlina AurelPrieš 23 val

    I only play griffins and gargoyles

  40. The Vegan Potterhead

    The Vegan PotterheadPrieš 23 val

    "I don't want blood in my ice-cream". There's blood in it already. There's blood, pus and hormones in dairy. If you're not a baby cow, don't eat dairy.

  41. manaownsmysoul

    manaownsmysoulPrieš 23 val

    So does this mean that you guys are going to try LARPing any time soon?

  42. elisabethLR

    elisabethLRPrieš 23 val

    I would love to see their character sheets!

  43. Davidswims1

    Davidswims1Prieš 23 val

    Honestly I enjoyed this more than I thought I would

  44. M. Fernandez

    M. FernandezPrieš 23 val

    I dated a Dungeon Master once. I never realized how cool he was until now.

  45. the op kingdom

    the op kingdomPrieš 23 val

    More. More of this game with these characters.

  46. Jess Gillett

    Jess GillettPrieš 23 val

    Please show ned saw

  47. Trinity N

    Trinity NPrieš 23 val

    Gabi be straight cringe worthy this whole video

  48. Adam Kalinowski

    Adam KalinowskiPrieš 23 val


  49. The Vegan Potterhead

    The Vegan PotterheadPrieš 23 val

    The Try Guys do a vegan challenge and watch footage of animal cruelty, please!! 🌾🐄🐏🐑🐐🐖💚✌

  50. BreAnna Rose J 2022

    BreAnna Rose J 2022Prieš 23 val

    This is why hoodies are important

  51. The Vegan Potterhead

    The Vegan PotterheadPrieš 23 val

    The Try Guys do a vegan challenge and watch footage of animal cruelty, please!! 🌾🐄🐏🐑🐐🐖💚✌

  52. jamie robertson

    jamie robertsonPrieš 23 val

    Unique to d and d, teefling, yet one of the pictures was tibalt from mtg

  53. The Vegan Potterhead

    The Vegan PotterheadPrieš 23 val

    The Try Guys do a vegan challenge and watch footage of animal cruelty, please!! 🌾🐄🐏🐑🐐🐖💚✌

  54. Keegan Lillith

    Keegan LillithPrieš 23 val

    I honestly thought Zach was a Faun. And then I realize he’s a damn tiefling. Holy crap.

  55. Lauren D’Amico

    Lauren D’AmicoPrieš 23 val

    Tommy tip If you want something interesting to happen ask someone to kidnapped y NOW I SMART

  56. jamie robertson

    jamie robertsonPrieš 23 val

    When you invent snowdonia as a location except it’s most definitely already a place

  57. 4 O’clock

    4 O’clockPrieš 23 val

    My friends in school love this and are taking a D&D class in school. I've never understood the game nor the hype around it, but wow I kinds get it now!!!

  58. The Vegan Potterhead

    The Vegan PotterheadPrieš 23 val

    The Try Guys do a vegan challenge and watch footage of animal cruelty, please!! 🌾🐄🐏🐑🐐🐖💚✌

  59. Venomgoblin7017

    Venomgoblin7017Prieš 23 val

    Literally Ned knows everyone

  60. Era Nadine Pradana

    Era Nadine PradanaPrieš dieną

    Ned: "Frick ya I can do 69, let me shove these 2 dumplings in my faces. (Humping noises)" Uuuuhhhmmmm wtf? ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ

  61. Jacinta Maree

    Jacinta MareePrieš dieną

    Eugene: **out of character** “what don’t I say Keith, but only 2 words” Eugene (carol): **in character** “gay rights” Me: explodes

  62. E-Mew

    E-MewPrieš dieną

    6:14 ...gorgeous

  63. Cadence Sturgeon

    Cadence SturgeonPrieš dieną


  64. Butter Queen

    Butter QueenPrieš dieną

    i’ve always wanted to play dnd but i don’t have enough friends :/

  65. IIDannOII .2

    IIDannOII .2Prieš dieną

    Eugene gives me so much Mum anxiety, and I’m not even a mum.

  66. Anne-Sophie G.-N.

    Anne-Sophie G.-N.Prieš dieną

    this is actually really fun! loved it so much!

  67. Lalit Kumar

    Lalit KumarPrieš dieną

    Kurt is like a real life anime character

  68. Lizzie Nguyen

    Lizzie NguyenPrieš dieną

    I Didn’t Laugh At All I WON

  69. GetReadyWithMeMamma

    GetReadyWithMeMammaPrieš dieną

    Feet for hands... the smell!!!!

  70. Odd Goldfish

    Odd GoldfishPrieš dieną

    if you shave a tiger they have stripes on their skin

  71. iIlluminumoo confirmed

    iIlluminumoo confirmedPrieš dieną

    I like how Ned just happened to look like a Celtic warrior and the place their game was set in is called Snowdonia (Real place in North Wales)

  72. Shubham Kumar

    Shubham KumarPrieš dieną

    The game reminded me of The Big Bang Theory.



    ??? 0:59 ? ?????

  74. Lam Post

    Lam PostPrieš dieną

    Haha...This wonder me who play who in 'The Big Bang Theory' that they always play 😅😅😅

  75. La-Via Marales

    La-Via MaralesPrieš dieną

    a summary of the characters in this video: edgar:gets excited with the crowd, totally down to letting 2 of his party members die in the fire hotankles:tries convincing everyone he's normal sized, uses magic when he could die if using magic, roasted a kid to death carol: the most put together, kills a man and the first thing she says is gay rights (which is fair) joshua: sad dragon just wants some quiet to find his ultimate pallete, immediately is set to trial for being a dragonborn

  76. Tex Toad

    Tex ToadPrieš dieną

    It’s ironic that I just made my first character sheet on thursday

  77. GetReadyWithMeMamma

    GetReadyWithMeMammaPrieš dieną

    I love your new intro America’s Dads haha love it

  78. Henry Pea

    Henry PeaPrieš dieną

    It’s incredible how these guys can take already beta things and make them even more beta

  79. 5star

    5starPrieš dieną

    Everyone: Dungeon master Intellectuals: Dungeon daddy

  80. RedRoseOfPassion

    RedRoseOfPassionPrieš dieną

    I’ve never clicked on a video so fast... I say as I get my dice ready for my session later today

  81. Jay son

    Jay sonPrieš dieną

    4:02 my alert tone when my buddy calls

  82. Robin Denham

    Robin DenhamPrieš dieną

    Any other Welsh people really thrown by the way this "fictional land " is called Snowdonia?

  83. kelvin urena

    kelvin urenaPrieš dieną

    Betas guys are the lamest of the bunch!

  84. mia

    miaPrieš dieną

    I want a whole series out of this I love it

  85. iicxkyyy

    iicxkyyyPrieš dieną

    22:58 *Okay.. Wow Allison.. WOW! But that's true tho.*

  86. Karate hero7

    Karate hero7Prieš dieną

    How can someone have such a prominent jaw line but so mischievous neck fat

  87. Wolfie Girl

    Wolfie GirlPrieš dieną

    I know Eugene says he's not good with kids, but he did really good with Mila

  88. Dylan Parry

    Dylan ParryPrieš dieną

    Legit when Eugene said challenging clips I immediately thought of Audition, maybe a Serbian Film or human centipede as well.



    ?? 0:39 ❣? ????

  90. Izzatul Fitriyah

    Izzatul FitriyahPrieš dieną

    You guys should play Werewolf! And maybe, you can invite try wives because it more fun with more people

  91. Dusky spina

    Dusky spinaPrieš dieną

    Part 2!!!!!!

  92. Anderson Lima

    Anderson LimaPrieš dieną

    If you're not Sam Riegel your bard aint gonna be good.

  93. JIM Newberry

    JIM NewberryPrieš dieną

    I am Carol. OMFG! Hilarious Eugene!😝

  94. jason chase

    jason chasePrieš dieną

    im literally about to start my first dnd thing in like an hour. What are the CHANCES

  95. Multifandom Ass usual !

    Multifandom Ass usual !Prieš dieną

    I'm just wondering how sick was Ned after shooting in snow without a shirt on totally "snows out , bows out " situation .

  96. Gracie Gaming

    Gracie GamingPrieš dieną

    I hate ned...something about him is just a NO For me. His laugh pisses me off

  97. laury Rodriguez

    laury RodriguezPrieš dieną

    Not gonna lie... leftover ladies has a nice ringtone to it 🤷🏻‍♀️

  98. Silas Bjørnsen

    Silas BjørnsenPrieš dieną


  99. Leila Cavan

    Leila CavanPrieš dieną

    Part 2 pls

  100. Summer Evening

    Summer EveningPrieš dieną

    Eugene rolled a freakin 20 while everyone rolled a 2 or a 3.