Just a Fifa Millionaire who makes it rain monopoly money in his bed room. Nuff said

Why I Confronted Logan Paul...


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  1. Matthew Silva

    Matthew SilvaPrieš 12 val

    Gib is gonna destroy jake Paul

  2. Josefina Reyes chilel

    Josefina Reyes chilelPrieš 12 val

    I love you

  3. Josefina Reyes chilel

    Josefina Reyes chilelPrieš 13 val

    Hi bro

  4. Monica love dog ruiz

    Monica love dog ruizPrieš 13 val

    Roses are red Violets are blue Gid will get knock out Jake paul wins

  5. Monica love dog ruiz

    Monica love dog ruizPrieš 13 val

    Gib u dump

  6. Monica love dog ruiz

    Monica love dog ruizPrieš 13 val

    Your vids suck

  7. Justin thecrak Mendoza

    Justin thecrak MendozaPrieš 13 val

    F*** you gib

  8. Oh Yeah yeah

    Oh Yeah yeahPrieš 14 val

    Jake Paul is fucked

  9. Gecksu

    GecksuPrieš 15 val

    Gib is gonna beat Jake no cap

  10. Kathy Kinder

    Kathy KinderPrieš 16 val

    I mean he just once Jj not you

  11. Kathy Kinder

    Kathy KinderPrieš 16 val

    Gibb don’t worry Jake doesn’t have anything against You it’s Gibb

  12. Jordy

    JordyPrieš 16 val

    Viddal looks so tired of this shit lol

  13. Creative YouTube Name

    Creative YouTube NamePrieš 16 val

    Hearing Logan and the rest in the background... ugh

  14. Got_weed?

    Got_weed?Prieš 16 val

    Gib: the only event i give a shit about Jake paul vs Gib: am i a joke to u

  15. Mohamad Mans

    Mohamad MansPrieš 16 val

    Vidal didn’t took in this video

  16. Estevan Ruvalcaba

    Estevan RuvalcabaPrieš 16 val

    18:43 you can notice that there is no other people in the lineup

  17. Jack Marshall

    Jack MarshallPrieš 17 val

    FuCKinG PELE!!!! fUckINg pele!!! 😂😂😂

  18. Nme Beats

    Nme BeatsPrieš 17 val

    horrible flow horrible lyrics and big nose

  19. Krusades

    KrusadesPrieš 17 val

    this big nose kid is a disgrace to the middle east i cant wait for this fking prick to get knocked out and become a meme like ksi

  20. Nme Beats

    Nme BeatsPrieš 17 val

    Big nose gib

  21. Liam

    LiamPrieš 17 val

    * ATTENTION * deji make Jake bleed and struggle 🤣 Gib Will destroy little jakey Also us Americans are rooting for gib, jake is an embarrassment and he is from Ohio which is inbred and next to Canada

  22. Bob Jefferson

    Bob JeffersonPrieš 18 val

    This man is fighting Jake paul

  23. Nicholas

    NicholasPrieš 18 val

    Joe Weller seriously needs to stop acting hard. He is absolutely not

  24. ibrahim the king

    ibrahim the kingPrieš 18 val

    haram ting

  25. Seeshy 10

    Seeshy 10Prieš 18 val

    Wait for real is he going to give I Gib his house they must sign a contract do he doesn’t regret saying that and he will have to

  26. Theo DCG

    Theo DCGPrieš 18 val


  27. Rigby

    RigbyPrieš 19 val

    "20 million subscribers on youtube" Let me fix that "20 million inactive subscribers"

  28. hazelena

    hazelenaPrieš 19 val

    70K Likes Pay Up

  29. tina leggitt

    tina leggittPrieš 19 val

    Why did big gibber fighting against a loser

  30. thecodewire1 .0

    thecodewire1 .0Prieš 19 val

    Gib is the pupil of ksi

  31. The real Nick James

    The real Nick JamesPrieš 19 val

    Jake is kicking your ass

  32. Fatouma Kebe

    Fatouma KebePrieš 19 val

    Whos here after Gib won

  33. glorieux byebi Sawasawa

    glorieux byebi SawasawaPrieš 19 val

    Bro gib are u a sycho?

  34. Oscar Ellison

    Oscar EllisonPrieš 19 val

    Jake has bigger tits then Jemma colins

  35. Raider BLUE

    Raider BLUEPrieš 19 val

    6:18 if Logan can’t beat jj then how can jake coz Logan is bigger stronger and quicker

  36. Jamie B

    Jamie BPrieš 20 val

    What gmt time is the fight on?

  37. Lewisboy07

    Lewisboy07Prieš 20 val

    Cmon gib !!!

  38. Gearóid Kearney

    Gearóid KearneyPrieš 20 val

    Get Niko Omilana to the fight

  39. Reece Ings

    Reece IngsPrieš 20 val

    Jake Paul: I'm a nonse 😏

  40. Hassan ali

    Hassan aliPrieš 20 val

    someone make jakes face at the end a meme

  41. Leana Laghari

    Leana LaghariPrieš 21 val

    Literally everything that jakes trainer said Shannon said that too So we all now how this is gonna go down

  42. Anxotic

    AnxoticPrieš 21 val

    the song at the end always gives me the chils😭



    ? 1:45 ?❣ ?????

  44. Alexandra juarez

    Alexandra juarezPrieš 22 val

    Was that Yung Chip that was talking that said Jake u a p***y

  45. Officially Tristen

    Officially TristenPrieš 22 val

    Jake himself looks like a joke

  46. Idk What to call myself

    Idk What to call myselfPrieš dieną

    Jake paul is a nonce

  47. gRaZ

    gRaZPrieš dieną

    i’m goin too drowp dis man repeatedly until he’s left ownconcious

  48. xxsubby93xx

    xxsubby93xxPrieš dieną

    Whos going to win Like jake paul Comment gibber

  49. Jack and Albie productions

    Jack and Albie productionsPrieš dieną

    Jake Paul going to fucking smash you Lol!

  50. Ed Karikari

    Ed KarikariPrieš dieną

    Ksi excuted them

  51. Ramy Tesfay

    Ramy TesfayPrieš dieną

    Your going to lose

  52. Nazia Ahmed

    Nazia AhmedPrieš dieną

    Nowon stands in the way of big giber

  53. Mrfreshindian 711

    Mrfreshindian 711Prieš dieną

    I clicked on jakes vid I immediately clicked off and went to the better channel

  54. Tuni 67

    Tuni 67Prieš dieną

    U wanna know why those two are nothing less than shittalkers? Boxing press conference and they are talking about social media.

  55. Sam Dell

    Sam DellPrieš dieną

    He thinks he’s gonna fight ksi after 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  56. Dylan Mc Dermott

    Dylan Mc DermottPrieš dieną

    Can we get an anesongib diss track on Jake paul

  57. Rage_OCE

    Rage_OCEPrieš dieną

    The Paul brothers always are too cocky against their opponent. It pisses me off I hope Gib wins

  58. Josh Charlton

    Josh CharltonPrieš dieną

    That random keeper from gib was Collins he’s a coach at my local team(rochdale)

  59. GLXeSports Nedark

    GLXeSports NedarkPrieš dieną


  60. Curd Nerd

    Curd NerdPrieš dieną

    fifa kid trying to be a man.

  61. UntidyTornado _YT

    UntidyTornado _YTPrieš dieną

    Who is gonna win? Like: Gib Comment:Jake paul (Edit: Don’t say I’m begging i want to know your opinions).

  62. Freddy vlogs

    Freddy vlogsPrieš dieną

    Ur better than w2s

  63. TheNewAnonymous 666

    TheNewAnonymous 666Prieš dieną

    I bet you if jake loses it will be cuz he sneezed 3 times before the fight

  64. danniella campo

    danniella campoPrieš dieną

    Go gib

  65. Monster

    MonsterPrieš dieną

    He's talking like a pussy not letting gib talk just like Logan did

  66. Smaxxarti Letsplays

    Smaxxarti LetsplaysPrieš dieną


  67. Jamie B

    Jamie BPrieš dieną

    Truthfully think Jake will win he's to confident and confidence wins the fight before it truly begins.. Please Gibs train harder and don't make this a reality!

  68. First name Last name

    First name Last namePrieš dieną

    All im gonna say is i like how so many people are deciding which is gonna win even though they prolly wont even watch it lmao

  69. mini canelo2

    mini canelo2Prieš dieną

    Lol gib trying to scare jake Paul and jake paul standing there like you have mental problems then gib hits hin well you do have mental problems then jake paul like that was a baby punch

  70. Tacomaster 4909

    Tacomaster 4909Prieš dieną

    Song when he gets Messi?

  71. TabouliKing

    TabouliKingPrieš dieną

    Mate you going to win against jake paul.

  72. a very creative name

    a very creative namePrieš dieną

    The stream quility is mad

  73. Mohamed Herab12345

    Mohamed Herab12345Prieš dieną

    who is jake paul

  74. TSS Scar

    TSS ScarPrieš dieną

    Ayyy morg brother

  75. Ratan jonn

    Ratan jonnPrieš dieną


  76. Jeffary13 YT

    Jeffary13 YTPrieš dieną

    No matter who wins... we’re all winners cause we don’t have to listen to Shannon in the press conferences or the fight 😀

  77. Rabbit

    RabbitPrieš dieną

    “Desperate people say the most, more hurtful things.” Jake Paul is the scared one, he knows that if he loses. He absolutely finished, Gib never said shit. He has nothing to lose.

  78. crispin klapproth

    crispin klapprothPrieš dieną

    Not gonna lie that push was weak as hell

  79. Wolfgangboii 21

    Wolfgangboii 21Prieš dieną

    Pussy gib

  80. Joshua fyb

    Joshua fybPrieš dieną

    Oh no💀💀💀💀

  81. Chris Vanegas

    Chris VanegasPrieš dieną

    I'm a fan of both but Anesongib is going to win!

  82. Roby Durdstick

    Roby DurdstickPrieš dieną

    Let’s gooooo 7 figure Giiiibbbbbbbbbbbeeeeerrrrrr

  83. Roby Durdstick

    Roby DurdstickPrieš dieną

    Please knock Jake Paul out

  84. Shane Kumar

    Shane KumarPrieš dieną

    Gib is so jokes I love it

  85. PewDiePies Goldfish

    PewDiePies GoldfishPrieš dieną

    Omg i reeeeally hope Jake does’nt sneeze three times

  86. Ant1234

    Ant1234Prieš dieną

    You better fucking beat him gibbo

  87. Turki

    TurkiPrieš dieną

    ‏حي بيتك

  88. Lara Janelle Balubal

    Lara Janelle BalubalPrieš dieną

    U fucking asshole gib you son of a pussy

  89. Uzair Mahmood

    Uzair MahmoodPrieš dieną

    It finally been re uploaded let’s goo

  90. Abdessamad Boulahrouz

    Abdessamad BoulahrouzPrieš dieną

    2020 anyone

  91. yonatan hajibai

    yonatan hajibaiPrieš dieną

    I’ve never heard about gib before this fight. This is my first time seeing what gib looks like and he’s is one ugly fucking shit

  92. Christopher D Chay

    Christopher D ChayPrieš dieną

    This whole shit is cringe. Just a white boy talking shit. Probably spends $60 for a g...

  93. yaliso gioouy

    yaliso gioouyPrieš dieną

    I come from the future, anesongib wins and jake becomes a meme

  94. Flatliners

    FlatlinersPrieš dieną

    Hey gib why don’t you give an average joe a chance. I’ll box you and I have never boxed except for fun. I have done Martial arts for years . Lets have some fun no bull shit.

  95. IMP HD

    IMP HDPrieš dieną

    Gib commented on my last video

  96. mubarak tagnoung

    mubarak tagnoungPrieš dieną

    i want u to win but if u dont ksi will clap this fool

  97. Yema FN

    Yema FNPrieš dieną

    5:33 song?

  98. Certrixy fanpage

    Certrixy fanpagePrieš dieną

    Its funny how all your biggest vids have jake paul and logan pauls name in your videos

  99. Gold Eagle

    Gold EaglePrieš dieną

    I don't know gib from Saudi Arabia until this video good luck gib from Saudi Arabia

  100. BrianBizLy

    BrianBizLyPrieš dieną

    Did you just say millions do you even know what a million looks like dumb ass