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Your #1 UK LTgo channel for red carpet news, behind the scenes videos, celeb stories & interviews!
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  1. American_Atheist1776

    American_Atheist1776Prieš 20 val

    When the victors win, you’ll see a lot of propaganda.



    ? 0:42 ?? ??

  3. GeekWeek

    GeekWeekPrieš 21 val

    That Affleck accent though

  4. Souher Massoud

    Souher MassoudPrieš 21 val

    Congratulations king leo

  5. knightfive

    knightfivePrieš 21 val

    Meatloaf had it right Love is needed...I mean its a job to the kid, its a life to the Meatloaf...

  6. Noelle

    NoellePrieš 22 val

    0:46 and it was at this moment millons of fangirls started writing fanfics on wattpad.

  7. Jose 84

    Jose 84Prieš 23 val

    Isnt this kid related to Scarlet Johhanson in any way? he is identical to her!

  8. Saira Plaxs

    Saira PlaxsPrieš 23 val

    Team Iron-man!

  9. Max baker

    Max bakerPrieš 23 val

    "I urm.. I thin--" "Im a GOOD listener! i AM a good listener!" *death stare intensifies*

  10. Den Baker

    Den BakerPrieš dieną

    I wonder if we will see more about the cooperative in picard

  11. Thomas Dyson

    Thomas DysonPrieš dieną

    Somebody tell me what glasses he’s wearing in this please?

  12. Hernan Saavedra

    Hernan SaavedraPrieš dieną

    Hes till alive. He want a peacefull life. Contract was end

  13. Seventy Chev

    Seventy ChevPrieš dieną

    The only thing Corden is good at is hanging around celebrities in hopes that their fame will rub off on him.

  14. Alyssa Cruz

    Alyssa CruzPrieš dieną

    E.R. & HOUSE M.D. I miss the show. ❤

  15. Djdc 27

    Djdc 27Prieš dieną

    If the did a podcast itd probably be as big as Joe Rogans

  16. youngbuck0911

    youngbuck0911Prieš dieną

    James Cordin is as intimidating as a koala bear. I dont care how many kids he has, dude is half bent.

  17. Mustafa Alshaban

    Mustafa AlshabanPrieš dieną

    I am always afraid she is about to cry

  18. Tanvir Khan

    Tanvir KhanPrieš dieną

    What happened Ed Is not good anymore...you little jealous man...

  19. fıjffk ufıdkd

    fıjffk ufıdkdPrieš dieną

    selamlar gençler türkiye var mı

  20. Maylena Marie

    Maylena MariePrieš dieną

    when he said “i’m to scared” that was so cute

  21. itz me jadey

    itz me jadeyPrieš dieną

    This poor girl (>ω<)

  22. Karen M.

    Karen M.Prieš dieną

    What a little celeb he is thanking and giving props to his tailor 🤗

  23. Eleanor King

    Eleanor KingPrieš dieną

    Meryl had the power to call out Weinstein ...

  24. Carol Sweda

    Carol SwedaPrieš dieną

    We will always miss her and her daughter iam a great fan of her family she will always be with us heart and minds carol and family members

  25. Cerys Evans

    Cerys EvansPrieš dieną

    she’s always gonna be effy stonem

  26. Ondrej Cach

    Ondrej CachPrieš dieną

    الــــسلام عليــكم مــحتاجه110 مـشترك عـلشان اكمـــل الشــروط والــله مصـــدر رزـــق ليا محــدش يــــتجاهل تعـــليقي الوتساب الخاص بي 00212620570789

  27. Rafaela Helena

    Rafaela HelenaPrieš dieną

    Bye 💋Rafaela

  28. shadowseer07

    shadowseer07Prieš dieną

    They are so cute here and in the movie

  29. Waltz Vaultz

    Waltz VaultzPrieš dieną

    Perfect just the way you are Christoph! X

  30. Keilyn Barrantes Sánchez

    Keilyn Barrantes SánchezPrieš dieną

    Just dad just dad

  31. Farjina Begum

    Farjina BegumPrieš dieną

    Lol and nothing happens to ollie

  32. MrDesertRocker

    MrDesertRockerPrieš dieną

    They’re the next Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

  33. Henry Discipline

    Henry DisciplinePrieš dieną

    He wasn't always a nice man to work with. And claiming a £10,000 fee to host Children In Need was just disgusting.

  34. Kristian Yeager

    Kristian YeagerPrieš dieną

    Naomi Scott’s secret skill is killing you with pulchritudinous beauty and angelic kindness

  35. Светлана Аристова

    Светлана АристоваPrieš dieną


  36. MakeupAndMystery

    MakeupAndMysteryPrieš dieną

    I love seeing two Leo’s

  37. Hannah Duggan

    Hannah DugganPrieš dieną

    He's cute and I have a crush on him. But what would he think about me? Is he gonna think that I'm cute and have a crush on me or is he gonna think that I'm a freaking weirdo?

  38. Wilbert Luckerson

    Wilbert LuckersonPrieš dieną

    12:49😂 13:40

  39. 20shourya

    20shouryaPrieš dieną


  40. sammlehman

    sammlehmanPrieš dieną

    Harry is breathtaking wow.

  41. Y R

    Y RPrieš dieną

    She looks gorgeous aw

  42. Claudia Eggert

    Claudia EggertPrieš dieną

    The Thunder mans l Super Dfera vera Dreamy Max INick ( offizielles Foto: die Nickelodeon 501 . 169 Aufufe ein sehr eriv ist das Deni der Stadt so zeip für den Augen hat sich die Hand Faiet vers BTS Bc Back in Time w/ ver ierb veris ( Music Kira Kosasarin Bc Jack Griffo Landes und nacht der Geschichte sind

  43. Claudia Eggert

    Claudia EggertPrieš dieną

    Theundemans : Jack Gri ... ich habe es On Demand Entertain ment die Stadt der Geschichte der Erde in den USA Nacht Bllie Phoebe Max und sein und Ich in mein Zimmer Ferin in die Welt 🌟🤩🙂🙂😗🌈🌫⭐☀️🌬😍😙⛅🌀🌝😃😁😚😅✌🌥😄😘👌🌞😀🥰👍neriv ist ein großer Unterschied caer zwischen der Stadt oder auch im Osten Mzer ist die Hand von dem Maim des Landes und der Stadt von einm sehr gut zu sehin großen Teil von den Augen

  44. the random place !?

    the random place !?Prieš dieną

    4:26 I'm telling Brian and *rogah*

  45. Izzy Byrne

    Izzy ByrnePrieš dieną

    Louis helping Niall when he was talking about his favourite place <3

  46. champ flowahbomb

    champ flowahbombPrieš dieną

    He looks just like his mom

  47. Akim Jacksuan

    Akim JacksuanPrieš dieną

    We always Love You Whitney❤

  48. squad yops

    squad yopsPrieš 2 dienas

    I love you jhon legend😍😍😍😍

  49. Jason King

    Jason KingPrieš 2 dienas

    Nah.. the worst UK accent is Welsh. Totally incomprehensible....

  50. Neha Pd

    Neha PdPrieš 2 dienas

    are there no good interviewers in Europe? who is employing them?

  51. Kareem Taha

    Kareem TahaPrieš 2 dienas

    The reason why i watch this series

  52. Pooja shree Saravanan

    Pooja shree SaravananPrieš 2 dienas

    I'm impressed by the unexpected questions to be frank...

  53. Ed Radil

    Ed RadilPrieš 2 dienas

    From L Ron Hubbards ships captains uniform to this guy. Scientology must be DESTROYED

  54. White Lama

    White LamaPrieš 2 dienas

    That moment when you realize that Hitler's Germany did not use Deutschland über alles as the anthem but the democratic weimar republic did.

  55. tai miranda

    tai mirandaPrieš 2 dienas


  56. Liam Gallagher

    Liam GallagherPrieš 2 dienas

    0:23 So he didn't actually say it? Fake shameless news

  57. marcia shiraishi

    marcia shiraishiPrieš 2 dienas

    Jimmy ❤️❤️❤️

  58. Popcorn With butter

    Popcorn With butterPrieš 2 dienas

    George Bush and his brother Melvin took down those buildings in New York with many many booms, Melvin was in charge of security at the twin towers and it took him many weeks to plant all those booms so that the buildings would go down into their own footprint. They killed thousands of Americans, they executed the father now they should executed the son’s.💩💩💩💩💩

  59. Green Circle Gaming (With your host: trekx)

    Green Circle Gaming (With your host: trekx)Prieš 2 dienas

    I don't think this was meant to be serious I think it was just a really bad skit and was meant to be funny ...

  60. Norman Huxley

    Norman HuxleyPrieš 2 dienas

    Is she the girl from Game Of Thrones.

  61. Toxicseas Isn’t laughing

    Toxicseas Isn’t laughingPrieš 2 dienas

    Looks like an older idubbz

  62. Lincoln TC

    Lincoln TCPrieš 2 dienas

    Amateur interview..high school

  63. aliya bilal

    aliya bilalPrieš 2 dienas

    10 years ago?



    Great ending

  65. The Extraordinary Spider-Man

    The Extraordinary Spider-ManPrieš 2 dienas

    Now watching it makes you angry. At least at the very end of season 2.

  66. Nate Mccann

    Nate MccannPrieš 2 dienas


  67. natalya braginski

    natalya braginskiPrieš 2 dienas

    The blond was cutest one right?

  68. peter otoole

    peter otoolePrieš 2 dienas

    that was inspiring. Truth...

  69. Buzzy Bee

    Buzzy BeePrieš 2 dienas


  70. Mïśtÿć_ XöBTS

    Mïśtÿć_ XöBTSPrieš 2 dienas

    Ok but if it’s the cloud show us the sky we want proof cause the car has nothing to do which Michael Jackson’s death -,-

  71. Jhazzrun

    JhazzrunPrieš 2 dienas

    these two pretty much made the movie for me. gabriel fit the role of the villain so well while also seemed charming when he was trying to be human. and who could watch the movie without mackenzie stealing your heart. loved all her scenes.

  72. Leila Xx

    Leila XxPrieš 2 dienas

    Mike and Leanne are the cutest❤️😝

  73. Joy Leach

    Joy LeachPrieš 2 dienas

    I bet he loved Whitney Houston more then Bobby Brown could ever love her.

  74. Paciocco

    PacioccoPrieš 2 dienas

    They are a young version of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

  75. Mayssa Saafi

    Mayssa SaafiPrieš 2 dienas

    To all the lovers of Alexander Skarsgård She's one of us.


    HARRY STY1ES LOVER 1Prieš 2 dienas

    Okay Harry speaks a bit faster now ! Yay

  77. Arthur

    ArthurPrieš 2 dienas

    In the name of the warrior

  78. Ines Maya

    Ines MayaPrieš 2 dienas

    He looks tired 😴

  79. Crumphorn

    CrumphornPrieš 2 dienas

    It's like the Iran-Iraq War of showbiz! You want them both to lose.

  80. sam and koda

    sam and kodaPrieš 2 dienas

    Nobody’s here after they broke up

  81. 20shourya

    20shouryaPrieš 2 dienas

    so Sophie Turner?

  82. Jon Chio

    Jon ChioPrieš 2 dienas

    The interviewer is also stunning ❤

  83. Dallas

    DallasPrieš 2 dienas

    Fine by me👍🏻

  84. JacobsLevelCrossings And Trains 2019

    JacobsLevelCrossings And Trains 2019Prieš 2 dienas

    It was a plane

  85. Joseph D

    Joseph DPrieš 2 dienas

    That year's final was totally sexist, anti-climatic and one-dimensional with only Chris and Ricky. They should not have forced out Ali and Brian in that semi-final just because of Jade's injury. They should have reinstated Ali and Brian and then let the voting fire away, because the traditional three-way final is much more of a proper exciting contest. 2009 was a bad series because of this, period.

  86. I love { 1D & LFC }

    I love { 1D & LFC }Prieš 2 dienas

    Eddie talking about one direction Well that's too much for me 😍😍

  87. Dan B

    Dan BPrieš 2 dienas

    James Corden is just not funny and he never was

  88. Joselito Pacheco

    Joselito PachecoPrieš 2 dienas

    Demon unclean spirits

  89. ella gonzalez

    ella gonzalezPrieš 3 dienas

    Ben: Alright okay.. I'm gonna go check them out Me: nononononononononono

  90. Emp Tee

    Emp TeePrieš 3 dienas

    I've had the phattest crush on this one all the way back since Skins.

  91. sanzema

    sanzemaPrieš 3 dienas

    Ziam is so real

  92. darktennisball

    darktennisballPrieš 3 dienas

    I can hear him talk for hours ❤️

  93. Jester Fullon

    Jester FullonPrieš 3 dienas

    Maderr faka eeerr.

  94. ismene vokas

    ismene vokasPrieš 3 dienas

    We you happy

  95. Chief Shepherd

    Chief ShepherdPrieš 3 dienas

    Why do I feel like I'm watching scooby doo

  96. Al Rob

    Al RobPrieš 3 dienas

    his little wink at the end :' )

  97. Drawing Maniac

    Drawing ManiacPrieš 3 dienas

    Um is anyone watching in 2020 and when Karamo says I wish ever one at home could taste Antonio’s food. And have his cookbook in this year

  98. marcia shiraishi

    marcia shiraishiPrieš 3 dienas

    Jimmy ❤️❤️❤️

  99. Cilla Seriah

    Cilla SeriahPrieš 3 dienas

    Kind of found Katie’s character irritating and annoying but I did like all the other ones especially the pigeon.

  100. cm. CG

    cm. CGPrieš 3 dienas

    High of Coke