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Dancing On Duty!

Dancing On Duty!

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10 STRAIGHT W's For The Jazz!
Kuzma Pours In 36 PTS!

Kuzma Pours In 36 PTS!

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  1. Nada Es Imposible

    Nada Es ImposiblePrieš dieną

    I appreciate you guys mentioning the better of McGee's block instead of showing it

  2. Sinichi Hernandez

    Sinichi HernandezPrieš dieną

    That jelly lay up by KCP

  3. Sinichi Hernandez

    Sinichi HernandezPrieš dieną

    That jelly lay up by KCP

  4. RVincent Micua Ayson

    RVincent Micua AysonPrieš dieną

    i repeat.. where is javale rejecting clint's two hander power dunk..?

  5. Lee Choctaw

    Lee ChoctawPrieš dieną

    Perfect fit for orlando. He'll be an all star next year

  6. I I

    I IPrieš dieną

    Bro WCS does not play defense

  7. Jordan king

    Jordan kingPrieš dieną

    So did anybody else here shit at 1:20 🤣

  8. Friday Saturday

    Friday SaturdayPrieš dieną

    Rookie of the year.

  9. Lotoa and Tai Lesa

    Lotoa and Tai LesaPrieš dieną

    The jazz had so many dunks that they couldve used

  10. John Doe

    John DoePrieš dieną

    Wade is Top 5 SG's of the best of them and in crossover's! He's game is game is aggressive, eccentric and he has an unpredictable crossover because his whole style of play is different, different, different! He comes off erratic, but then you begin noticing how he confuses his defender's with an erratic handle but with so much of raw power, tenacity and athleticism, they named D Wizzy, Flash! I use to love when he would do LB's infamous long stretch dunk on a fast break by himself! They both admired each other's determination and grit!

  11. Devin Bardot

    Devin BardotPrieš dieną

    5:42 "Sweet shit from Russell Westbrook"

  12. Young JT

    Young JTPrieš dieną

    Ik this is messed up but 5:42 J.R. Smith could call timeout there but couldn't call timeout in the the 2018 finals.

  13. Arsalan Khalid

    Arsalan KhalidPrieš dieną

    These commentators didn't call out some amazing Raptors plays, some serious bias out here man...

  14. DS5446 Sabra

    DS5446 SabraPrieš dieną


  15. Stephen Curry

    Stephen CurryPrieš dieną

    Да детка!

  16. Mr. Fish

    Mr. FishPrieš dieną

    #5 was on my bday

  17. REDD GEN

    REDD GENPrieš dieną

    7:39 nigga said OKC 😂☠️. Perkin's was Right bout Russ being Mr.OKC

  18. VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII

    VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIIIPrieš dieną

    "We still have slavery we just renamed it the NBA" -Chris Rock

  19. Justin Frost

    Justin FrostPrieš dieną

    This nigga has brain damage

  20. Tim Brazeal

    Tim BrazealPrieš dieną

    ruck the fockets

  21. Mini Moses

    Mini MosesPrieš dieną

    Trae doesnt give the chance to his team to get going. Theyre not going to be good with him

  22. Don TreY

    Don TreYPrieš dieną

    @ 3:33 Bam got away with a viscous double dribble!

  23. Jeorme McCollom

    Jeorme McCollomPrieš dieną

    New Jersey, Brooklyn, doesn't matter, Nets still suck They went through the Bucks Buzzsaw

  24. Louie Tzepher

    Louie TzepherPrieš dieną

    That shot is impossible to hit one you factor in that slippery church shoes and big ass 90s suit jacket he’s wearing. Much props!

  25. Ateup88

    Ateup88Prieš dieną

    “Igoudala to Curry” “Back to Igoudala” “Up for the layup” “OH, Blocked by James”

  26. pepsi cola

    pepsi colaPrieš dieną

    At 7:38 westbrook scores and mike brennan says a bucket for okc, like wtf..the dude left okc long ago, mr brennan, get bk on focus..

  27. X X

    X XPrieš dieną

    Most overrated play in league history

  28. Bench Pogi

    Bench PogiPrieš dieną❤️❤️❤️

  29. Raymond Acance

    Raymond AcancePrieš dieną

    Imagine showing off after scoring against the 5th guy off the bench 🤦‍♂️ 1:48 Pick your moments bruh

  30. I am That dude

    I am That dudePrieš dieną

    LeBron: I pick Isaac Bonga Giannis: That’s a good pick

  31. X Los

    X LosPrieš dieną

    Calling it harden gone be the leauges lethalest scorer with no ring

  32. J Lux

    J LuxPrieš dieną

    Word aite bro

  33. Yu Ryan

    Yu RyanPrieš dieną

    Brandon Roy

  34. Adolfo Ramirez

    Adolfo RamirezPrieš dieną

    Nba top 10 be hating on the lakers.

  35. I Watch Organic

    I Watch OrganicPrieš dieną

    I knew after just the first dunk I was in for a treat

  36. J Lux

    J LuxPrieš dieną

    7:07 Isntant Karma

  37. moguide

    moguidePrieš dieną

    Gordon and z.lavene again at dunk contest?

  38. Edward Malcolm

    Edward MalcolmPrieš dieną

    Commentators should be mad at their own team for that horrible defense

  39. Émilie Risdon

    Émilie RisdonPrieš dieną

    Not only are Vanfleet, Lowry, Powell and Gasol back and killing it, the Raptors' rookies are all really good as well and I think the fact that the Raps, as a whole, are an all around good and hardworking team this year is what's gonna set them apart here

  40. matthew krapec

    matthew krapecPrieš dieną

    I prefer the bulls or bucks

  41. J

    JPrieš dieną

    when lechock was young he's still running away from competitions on defense. kobe takes last shot and lechock is hiding in front court. HAHAHA

  42. sedaberry

    sedaberryPrieš dieną

    Was that Yao Ming or Hakeem the dream!!

  43. Daniel Magana

    Daniel MaganaPrieš dieną

    Lakers looking legit

  44. _GT Comix

    _GT ComixPrieš dieną

    This game was funny. I knew the moment they would play, Flops would be flying left and right. Flopping the Flopper ;DD

  45. The Stig's African Cousin

    The Stig's African CousinPrieš dieną

    It's obvious why they didn't put JaVale block... You're talking only about this and not about where is GOATMENTATOR

  46. Hi Bye

    Hi ByePrieš dieną

    3:43 he has popcorn 🍿 🤣🤣🤣

  47. Eliko Sim

    Eliko SimPrieš dieną

    If kuzma and kcp keep their game up like this then the lakers team are unstoppable

  48. Steven Brown

    Steven BrownPrieš dieną

    Man he faked me out

  49. Molly Love

    Molly LovePrieš dieną

    All of a sudden everyone's a Lakers fan lol.

  50. Serge Somborac

    Serge SomboracPrieš dieną

    I know it doesn't really matter, but I'm glad we have at least one Canadian on the Raptors.

  51. Youngboye BAM

    Youngboye BAMPrieš dieną

    Levine be on top plays every week he just nasty wit it

  52. AYM_Smoxay

    AYM_SmoxayPrieš dieną

    The amount of depth that the raps have just imagine in Kawhi was still here it's would be over

  53. Andre Smith

    Andre SmithPrieš dieną

    Why Am I Just Now Seeing This Dude Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk He Got a Stroke On Him (Pause).

  54. Alex T

    Alex TPrieš dieną

    He’s D Rose with better vision

  55. zeitGGeist

    zeitGGeistPrieš dieną


  56. Vivekananda Vibek

    Vivekananda VibekPrieš dieną

    I don't even play basketball and I can say if he isn't the best in the world he's got to be pretty damn close.

  57. 1117AJ

    1117AJPrieš dieną

    That's the biggest shot of Kyrie's life but I think it inflated his ego.Yes he's good but he never made it to the playoffs until LeBron became his teammate.Now that Kyrie isn't LeBron's teammate he's not having as much success in his career.I think he needed LeBron more than LeBron needed him.

  58. S H

    S HPrieš dieną

    Nba....the And 1's that are called are weak and soft....especially for LeBron. Change to FIBA rule model of advantage/disadvantage and avoid And 1's!

  59. mate mort

    mate mortPrieš dieną

    i like both teams

  60. Andre Baker

    Andre BakerPrieš dieną

    I'm so happy to see a full and healthy Raptor Squad. I have so much confidence in this team and their style of play. I really think the whole team has the belief they can win. My prediction is, if the Bucks get knocked out, the Raptors will easily be the Champions again. If they have to face the Bucks, the Raptors will win in game 6 and then take the Championship. Wow, I can't believe it. It looks like the Raptors are going to win another Championship before I can save up for the "real" fan appreciation ring, not the $30.00 one.

  61. Eligah Murray Jr

    Eligah Murray JrPrieš dieną

    LeGOAT!👑🐐 💪 🔋

  62. Raheem Williams

    Raheem WilliamsPrieš dieną

    Wow somebody brang @gwallasmash the Lean no and i need 2020-too they going do any And everything to try to

  63. Ohh Bluuee

    Ohh BluueePrieš dieną

    Celtics announcers garbage

  64. Tjp 1209

    Tjp 1209Prieš dieną

    And they lost hahaha

  65. Jake Sharp

    Jake SharpPrieš dieną

    Did MJ really just spam free throw dunks lol

  66. WildOne KY

    WildOne KYPrieš dieną

    Best Mavs player since Dirk! Needs a Ring but this Man is Special 100%

  67. Elias Goes

    Elias GoesPrieš dieną

    I like how some plays are just in here because someone blocked LJ. lol

  68. Marco Pedemonte

    Marco PedemontePrieš dieną

    Dear NBA, we are in 2020, how much can it cost you to upload 1080p videos?

  69. joe fontaine

    joe fontainePrieš dieną

    Id put markelles dunk at #2 tbh

  70. WildOne KY

    WildOne KYPrieš dieną

    Best Mavs player since Dirk! Needs a Ring but this Man is Special 100%

  71. Equeze

    EquezePrieš dieną

    Fam our passing every game is nuts keep it up jazz!

  72. Harpinder Singh

    Harpinder SinghPrieš dieną

    It’s the Opal

  73. Chris Morgan

    Chris MorganPrieš dieną

    I can stomach this loss, but Monday night, "Dam that"! Celtic til the End


    THOMAS HARRISPrieš dieną

    Ay this is a great mix of plays. Offensive and defensive. 👑 James. Very memorable plays over the last 10 years

  75. Paul Martin Noche

    Paul Martin NochePrieš dieną

    5:17 how fast are u bron

  76. Dick Money

    Dick MoneyPrieš dieną

    The laker connection with the kings needs to be removed. The team isn’t progressing.

  77. Pixelated PEKKA

    Pixelated PEKKAPrieš dieną

    The Lakers are better, we would’ve beat the Bucks if we had Kuzma.

  78. Ashtin Johnson

    Ashtin JohnsonPrieš dieną

    Zach Lavine is the best Jordan did some of the best but the old ppl did the basic dunks Zach Lavine did amazing

  79. forreal pat

    forreal patPrieš dieną

    There u go 76ers. 🏀lol Time for a winning run. FREE label

  80. Sam Musselman

    Sam MusselmanPrieš dieną


  81. Breohn Taylor

    Breohn TaylorPrieš dieną

    Lonzo Ball is most improved player and will only get better

  82. Harold Villalobos

    Harold VillalobosPrieš dieną

    Curry isn't human especially for shooting Irving is monster handling and crossover and best finishing player Both are greatest player in NBA history

  83. Jm Legaspi

    Jm LegaspiPrieš dieną

    Sino nandito para kay clarkson hit like kung pilipino ka 😊

  84. fleeze92

    fleeze92Prieš dieną

    This guy is Bruce Lee like water

  85. Ben Henderson

    Ben HendersonPrieš dieną

    Steph narrating helped securing the dub

  86. Amazingshawn

    AmazingshawnPrieš dieną

    Ingram will be one of the best players in the world in the future

  87. DestructableMe

    DestructableMePrieš dieną

    Celtics announcers so salty we can call them Himalayan Pink

  88. george Hajjar

    george HajjarPrieš dieną

    Aron> Zach Aron got robbed

  89. Jessy Perez

    Jessy PerezPrieš dieną

    Woofs need to play big ..... culver Wiggins..roco.. Towns...naz.... please play that line up once for me

  90. Just Us

    Just UsPrieš dieną

    "White Chocolate" was a nightly highlight reel just a special player fun fun fun

  91. Zyokip Natipal

    Zyokip NatipalPrieš dieną

    Will just wait Zach Lavine in the All Star night, rather than waiting for Javale's block shot to be included in the top 10 plays!

  92. Sam Musselman

    Sam MusselmanPrieš dieną

    Lebron won this game for them....goat...his passing is so good

  93. Jake 0429

    Jake 0429Prieš dieną

    That hand looks pretty bad

  94. Tyrell  Townsend

    Tyrell TownsendPrieš dieną

    Kcp been balling since that rough start to the season hopefully he keeps it up ✊🏾💯

  95. Matthew White

    Matthew WhitePrieš dieną

    The trae young dangles

  96. Nick Tokar

    Nick TokarPrieš dieną

    At 2:33 If this is LeBron 5 years ago, Harden would have been put on a poster.

  97. Mohamed A. Meki Mohamed

    Mohamed A. Meki MohamedPrieš dieną

    Melo so smooth watching him score calms you down! So satisfying to see him and D.Rose balling this year!

  98. oDzY I Micke

    oDzY I MickePrieš dieną

    Best centre ever.

  99. hotta flexx

    hotta flexxPrieš dieną

    [email protected] girl who was trying to high 5 DAME !! left her hanging like a flag

  100. Custom Wall Shelves

    Custom Wall ShelvesPrieš dieną

    Nurse is so smart. Keep the minutes down. Keep these guys fresh. The ball goes down when the legs go up. Fatigue wipes out the three. Go Raps Go