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Mysterious Boris Q&A

Mysterious Boris Q&A

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Kalashnikov the card game

Kalashnikov the card game

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Entertaining 2.5 million people
Life of Artyom: part 2

Life of Artyom: part 2

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Prieš 7 mėnesių

This was not a vacation.

This was not a vacation.

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BATTLEBOX RED - Crossout gameplay
Boris visits Tatratea factory
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SlavTube Rewind 2018
The 96KB Game

The 96KB Game

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Life of Artyom

Life of Artyom

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BEWARE of Boris

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GopPro™ 2 HD

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The Uber of Chernobyl

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  1. Тимур Давлетбаев

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    бля а этот дурак русский?

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    This is the strongest russian accent i've heard

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    Vodka pc is very nice bro

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    Artiom got lethal radiation mutation in the metro

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  9. banyohavlusu 23

    banyohavlusu 23Prieš 4 val

    bu keko oturuşu değil mi ya

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    Kav AlexPrieš 4 val

    Yup alcohol and heat. Totally normal things to add

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    Krasnii GnomPrieš 4 val

    Make tutorial how to cook пельмени

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    sparrow boiPrieš 4 val

    Arytom is Vadims sleep palaris demon

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    joke boiPrieš 4 val

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    boris how to slav cooking

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    nierozpoznawalny człowiekPrieš 4 val

    Jestem z polski i nie lubię majonezu a szczegulnie tego winiary 😂 Piesi- osoba/y przechodzący/a przez ulicę, a nie psy 😂 Choć psy to też policjanci czyli znak mówi by uważać na policjantów jak się za bardzo uchlejesz

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    Kris Gamer555Prieš 4 val

    He shopped in lidl I thought he shopped in Tesco

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    MEXDPrieš 4 val

    Indonesian people can too to do that

  20. ItsAiden

    ItsAidenPrieš 4 val

    I love your accent mate Russia fore ever yes cyka blyat

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    Enes canPrieš 4 val

    only turks will make this sitting you false asshole

  22. prakhyath shetty

    prakhyath shettyPrieš 4 val

    Okay...that mosquito was still in there when he was turning the meat🤨

  23. prakhyath shetty

    prakhyath shettyPrieš 4 val


  24. Rudrakash Gulati

    Rudrakash GulatiPrieš 4 val

    Squat in India is considered different....... It is the position in which we do the shit because our toilet is different

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    Leonam MedeirosPrieš 5 val

    For a moment i really thought tha Aloona was comming out of that carpet

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    afrugaltechchannelPrieš 5 val

    Thank you Boris and Anatoli, very cool!

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    Me: I need to go to sleep Boris: But wait, there's more!

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    I wear slippers that has russia on it

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    K1netikSPrieš 5 val

    Я один русский в комментах? хD

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    JohnPrieš 5 val

    i would say it's the cheapest expencive item you could wear?

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    10000 Subscribe Without An VideoPrieš 5 val

    _Did you just said that when that game launch,that game storage from 96KB to 300MB above?_


    BERKAY AKKAYAPrieš 5 val

    bizim keko oturuşunun sadece isminin degiştirerek sizin mi oldu sandınız sadasdfsafws

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    Artyom the kurwa destroyer

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    Jack SolidusPrieš 5 val

    When you find out your grandmother's grandfather was a Russian , and you are a 14 (close to 15) year old boy... VODKA FOREVER!!!!! BORIS IS GREAT!!!!!!! THAT IS HOW WE DO IT IN MOTHER RUSSIA MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Radialz Gaming

    Radialz GamingPrieš 5 val

    Now this is real men's song

  43. Kiss-Horváth Ferenc

    Kiss-Horváth FerencPrieš 6 val

    Actually, Boris was kind of right with the Coca Cola thing, Slovakians prefer Kofola, and I absolutely get why. I tried it once, and I became an addict right away. Shame they don't sell any in Hungary!

  44. Dikkertje Fap

    Dikkertje FapPrieš 6 val

    Wait what he fuck. You walk with your cat like a dog??? Don’t you just let him walk around for himself?.?

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    Opening a new, sealed bottle of vodka doesn't mean shit if you just cut to the next scene

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    That smetana was for shaking. For making desserts or deeps.

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    Eng: Nice video, good work! Pl: ALE BENDZIESZ MIAŁ WPIERDOL TYPIE!

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    The ultra real physics although awsome, somehow defeat the goofiness of GTA. Which is why San Andreas or Vice City is a far better and memorable as a GTA game.

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    8:56 🤣

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