Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

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#PurposeTourChildren Europe
Cold Water

Cold Water

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Park City

Park City

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Purpose Yule Log

Purpose Yule Log

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Bieber Mode w/ Lyft

Bieber Mode w/ Lyft

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Sorry (Fan Dance Video)
Lake Life

Lake Life

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I Really Like You

I Really Like You

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Justin Bieber - Hold Tight
#BelieveMovie - #BeAlright
#BelieveMovie - #Advice
#BelieveMovie - #Smile
#BelieveMovie - #Stache
The Key

The Key

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Ellen Singing "Boyfriend"
  1. Super Gamer_girl

    Super Gamer_girlPrieš 23 val

    I have nothing to say but: awwww🤗

  2. estelle nguyen

    estelle nguyenPrieš 23 val

    This song is THAT song on the album

  3. Million Dreams

    Million DreamsPrieš dieną

    Justin's acoustic Music's is really amazing.

  4. Edgar Steven

    Edgar StevenPrieš dieną

    People make fun and laugh at me because I’m Justin Bieber fan but I don’t care I’m proud to be a JB FAN I’m a Bieber Believer forever ❤️

  5. Layna_ Lul

    Layna_ LulPrieš dieną

    This ruined the album.

  6. Breitner Redondo Suarez

    Breitner Redondo SuarezPrieš dieną

    Tainy in da House papiii #LatinoGang

  7. Toastyflakes

    ToastyflakesPrieš dieną

    I wonder if this is about Justin wanting to put the brakes on having kids with Hailey for right now.

  8. Aahiya shoping hall

    Aahiya shoping hallPrieš dieną

    I feel soo gd they look sooo gd together

  9. Rebeca Loâmi

    Rebeca LoâmiPrieš dieną

    cadê os brasileiros raiz 🤭❤️

  10. 수빙

    수빙Prieš dieną

    한국어 자막 고마워 🖤

  11. Trần Đề Vlog

    Trần Đề VlogPrieš dieną

    7 like...👍👍👍goodluck

  12. idiotic syndrome

    idiotic syndromePrieš dieną

    This kid looks like JB

  13. خواطر من طنجة

    خواطر من طنجةPrieš dieną

    Very good ltgo.info/vaizdo-irasas/nYiDiKWPgrR_uIk.html

  14. ちんえい

    ちんえいPrieš dieną

    2:50 Your phone is ringing

  15. Sheila Mae Glor

    Sheila Mae GlorPrieš dieną

    I love them so much! Stay strong and happy Justin and Hailey 😍

  16. Prajwal J K

    Prajwal J KPrieš dieną

    I see this video to hert me

  17. Giselle Romano

    Giselle RomanoPrieš dieną

    Es tan bueno ver que la esperanza siempre estara presente, tengo 1 niña de 5 años con su papá nos conocimos en 2005 y 2006 nos pusimos de novio en 2014 nacio mi hija el 4 de mayo. Estos últimos 2 años fueron loa peores, jamas crei q el.se convirtiera en alcohólico aunque siempre le aconseje q no era bueno 1 cerveza en la.mesa 1 dia domingo en familia. ( Nosotros 3) O q tenga 1 lata debajo del asiento del auto.. Le rezo a Dios q le de fuerza para dejar este vicio que nos esta consumiendo..

  18. Esther Obot

    Esther ObotPrieš dieną

    Who’s here during the quarantine

  19. Kanika Manchanda

    Kanika ManchandaPrieš dieną

    Thank you for sharing! Incredible journey. You and Hailey are amazing

  20. terickfic

    terickficPrieš dieną


  21. Sushmita Singh

    Sushmita SinghPrieš dieną

    I love you ❤

  22. Tahir Bhat

    Tahir BhatPrieš dieną

    Hey! He's got pac's poster there!

  23. Jelyn Babao

    Jelyn BabaoPrieš dieną

    With this video i used not to hate hailey coz shes amazing .💓💓

  24. Hassani Faizlat

    Hassani FaizlatPrieš dieną

    Congratulations Justin bieber 💕💍

  25. Thanh Thảo

    Thanh ThảoPrieš dieną

  26. HANAA Queen

    HANAA QueenPrieš dieną

    دنيا حظوظ دنيا حظوظ عقبال م يقوم حظي بواحد زي جاستن اللي يقرا وم يقول امين بزعل زعل شديد 😂

  27. Ivette Orellana

    Ivette OrellanaPrieš dieną



    JACKIEBOI BCPrieš dieną

    Hip like for clever and his unique voices😁😁😁

  29. Anjell Davis

    Anjell DavisPrieš dieną

    “Ohh look at that” aww lol I’m so proud of him and I love him so much. This a forever thing Justin 💜

  30. fely etlar

    fely etlarPrieš dieną

    Love you justin

  31. Charisma Pruitt

    Charisma PruittPrieš dieną

    His voice is one of the best on earth

  32. bipin p.king111

    bipin p.king111Prieš dieną

    What a talented person man👌👌👌👌👌👌

  33. Kelly Can

    Kelly CanPrieš dieną

    She is selena not hailey

  34. QuarioQuario54321

    QuarioQuario54321Prieš dieną

    Why does it think a song less than a year old as of this comment should be suggested?

  35. Sophia Doll

    Sophia DollPrieš dieną

    the most eye opening interview of Justin Bieber. Good on you for having the strength of talking about all that. A lot of people seem to forget that you are human and have feelings. Im so happy that you have Hailey.

  36. Gianna Carpenedo

    Gianna CarpenedoPrieš dieną

    Well done sir!

  37. Katie Papadopoulos

    Katie PapadopoulosPrieš dieną

    I love this song

  38. newell pickett

    newell pickettPrieš dieną

    Why he working with a black man stay with ur own race dude

  39. Tal Vez

    Tal VezPrieš dieną

    He says he feels safe performing but scared when he's not and just talking to someone. This is very likely the result of missing out on age 13-25 normal socialization with peers in school, college, work, etc. We learn so much about how to act and feel about ourselves based on that time, and he's also mentioned that earlier, he didn't know how to be part of a team and came from a broken home. It completely understandable that he feels self-conscious and anxious when not doing the one thing he has consistently mastered since adolescence. It can speak for many child stars. It's sad to see that being in these high pressure situations causes intense stress and obviously this is because it started at too young an age for him and he was overwhelmed.

  40. Ananda Luciana

    Ananda LucianaPrieš dieną


  41. Ananda Luciana

    Ananda LucianaPrieš dieną

    i love youuu DaDdY

  42. Olivia Eisler

    Olivia EislerPrieš dieną

    Give the people another acoustic album

  43. dawitksf simon

    dawitksf simonPrieš dieną

    Trust God so much that was interesting

  44. Rosio Medina

    Rosio MedinaPrieš dieną

    A que pu#o

  45. Goatpapi here

    Goatpapi herePrieš dieną

    Its still so good

  46. koltuk patatesi

    koltuk patatesiPrieš dieną

    Ben doğmadan önce

  47. Alicia Mairani

    Alicia MairaniPrieš dieną

    OMG I love this song yeah you got that yummy yummy

  48. Κυριάκος Λιούρτας

    Κυριάκος ΛιούρταςPrieš dieną

    I am really so proud of this kid ... 10 years ago he was a teenager Wow time flies ....

  49. Logan Vizdoschi

    Logan VizdoschiPrieš dieną

    we need more acoustic versions

  50. Logan Vizdoschi

    Logan VizdoschiPrieš dieną

    such a masterpiece, is too short

  51. Silva Sxl

    Silva SxlPrieš dieną

    Braba demais 🔥

  52. Selena Gomez

    Selena GomezPrieš dieną

    My mom has the coronavirus

  53. Jerrica C.

    Jerrica C.Prieš dieną

    2:45 is that Janine Tugonon? Miss Universe 2012 1st runner up.


    MIR DAWOODPrieš dieną

    I was not happy in this relationship but now I realised how cute hely is

  55. hamam amer

    hamam amerPrieš dieną

    Hey Justin, do you know something?? We need to listen more acoustics from you .. I have been belieber since 2010 I love changes album Intention acoustic is the best This album is so beautiful and different ❤️

  56. Joel@Play

    [email protected]Prieš dieną

    His a much better lip syncer now.

  57. hamam amer

    hamam amerPrieš dieną

    I can't stop listening to this song 😍 I love you Justin 😍 Please watch my song ( take me to the past ) And all of love for you ❤️

  58. Umre Çelik

    Umre ÇelikPrieš dieną

    New video

  59. Calvin Kivuti

    Calvin KivutiPrieš dieną

    JB 2020: can't believe am listening to the whole album. SO AMAZING

  60. Av Theghettochild

    Av TheghettochildPrieš dieną

    Y’all cap “come around me” is the best song on the album

  61. Yuna Yefremenkov

    Yuna YefremenkovPrieš dieną

    Why is this like the only good song he actually wrote ???

  62. Andreea Isabella

    Andreea IsabellaPrieš dieną

    0:13 sounds like Bizzle

  63. Inferno ❶

    Inferno ❶Prieš dieną

    This video birthed a Living Legend.

  64. Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon JungkookPrieš dieną

    Eu chorei

  65. gammes mustfa

    gammes mustfaPrieš dieną

    Tik tok💖💖justin😍😍

  66. LM De

    LM DePrieš dieną

    i had to cry so bad ❤️❤️

  67. Deloreon Legacy

    Deloreon LegacyPrieš dieną

    So he built up a tolerance to getting high off of a crowd, took a break from the drug, hung out one night with a friend who got him high off the crowd again and then was suddenly ready to start performing again? IDK his life, but that sounds like a spoiled child to me.

  68. Tehila S

    Tehila SPrieš dieną

    Nobody: Elio from call me by your name:

  69. Giosa Dwengie

    Giosa DwengiePrieš dieną

    Congratulations 😍🎊😍🎊🎊😍😍🎊 Justin Bieber

  70. PeddusVideos

    PeddusVideosPrieš dieną

    “Baby? Baby?” *hailey being cute and stuff* Justin: “AHHHHHH!”

  71. Dunia Al Sallami

    Dunia Al SallamiPrieš dieną

    My favourite...

  72. Gamila Morsi

    Gamila MorsiPrieš dieną

    Im happy so happy 💖💖

  73. The Chosen One

    The Chosen OnePrieš dieną

    They both are A GOD(ESS) send and it warms my Soul to see them in this Blissful state.

  74. Lothlorein Avila

    Lothlorein AvilaPrieš dieną

    What about Selena Gomez? 💔

  75. Ian Tung

    Ian TungPrieš dieną

    This album taught me so many things. Thank you Justin 🙏🏼

  76. LeaLife Music

    LeaLife MusicPrieš dieną

    I love it , i love it , i love it 😍💞

  77. Qory Isbah

    Qory IsbahPrieš dieną

    😔 ingin tdur di ruangan bnyak oksigen mungkin otak ini sakit 😔

  78. Mayami Jane

    Mayami JanePrieš dieną

    I hate this guy... He did injustice towards Selena.... Filthy boy

  79. Elisha Rodriques

    Elisha RodriquesPrieš dieną

    Beautiful ❣️

  80. Kytairra Miller

    Kytairra MillerPrieš dieną

    Sorry Taylor this is Haileys now Luv you Justin Bieber