Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Teardown! - Where is the Glass?!

CORRECTION!: There ARE more bristles along the inside edge of the frame. You can see them in this video. I was focused on the hinge and didn't see they added bristles elsewhere. Nice Catch guys.
Samsung's' new Galaxy Z Flip is here, and its survived my durability test for the most part. Now its time to take apart Samsungs latest folding smartphone and see if we can find any of the glass they promised us in the launch video. Samsung said they had invented a new revolutionary 'physics bending' ultra thin glass material. But it sure doesnt feel or act like glass form the top. Maybe there is glass inside? The only way to find out is with a Galaxy Z Flip Teardown.
Watch the Z Flip durability test here:
Watch the Galaxy Fold Durability here:
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    CORRECTION!: There ARE more bristles along the inside edge of the metal frame. You can see them in this video. I was focused on the hinge and didn't see that Samsung added more bristles elsewhere. Nice Catch guys. I'll film them close up in the RAZR phone teardown.

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