Morbius - Official Teaser Trailer First Look (2020) Jared Leto, Matt Smith

Get your first look at the teaser trailer for Sony Pictures' Morbius, starring Jared Leto as the iconic Marvel monster. The official synopsis for Morbius reads, "One of Marvel's most compelling and conflicted characters comes to the big screen as Oscar winner Jared Leto transforms into the enigmatic antihero, Michael Morbius. Dangerously ill with a rare blood disorder, and determined to save others suffering his same fate, Dr. Morbius attempts a desperate gamble. What at first appears to be a radical success soon reveals itself to be a remedy potentially worse than the disease."

Morbius releases on July 31 in the US and UK, and July 30 in the AU. Joining Leto in the cast are Matt Smith, Adria Arjona, Jared Harris, Al Madrigal, and Tyrese Gibson.


  1. IGN

    IGNPrieš 5 dienų

    Check out Jared Leto's first interview about the Morbius movie here on IGN >>>

  2. Stylez-13

    Stylez-13Prieš 3 dienas

    Now we need Blade to come try hunt him like in spiderman animated series

  3. Vladislav

    VladislavPrieš 5 dienų

    Why mirrored the preview picture?

  4. Lavender Elski

    Lavender ElskiPrieš 8 val

    Anyone else kinda shock to see the actor who played doctor who the 11th doctor

  5. Yohn Jammeren

    Yohn JammerenPrieš 9 val

    It's the magic manbat!!!

  6. Raidon Shin

    Raidon ShinPrieš 9 val

    was that Matt Smith I saw?

  7. Dam Mac

    Dam MacPrieš 9 val

    It looks just like the comic that a my buddy from jr. high hipped me to 28 yrs ago. Dope!

  8. Guy 64

    Guy 64Prieš 10 val

    C*********** vampire

  9. Johnsen Dizon

    Johnsen DizonPrieš 11 val

    This will be Jared's bigger break. I will support it.

  10. -_- كانيكي -_-

    -_- كانيكي -_-Prieš 11 val

    اعلان حلو بس خاف الأفلام زربه

  11. theScytheofGod

    theScytheofGodPrieš 12 val

    The Joker and now THIS!?! WTF, hollywood. Get some new players in the game.

  12. Johnathan Phillips

    Johnathan PhillipsPrieš 12 val

    This movie looks cool accept for the new "revamp(ire( you get it?))" sounds of Beethoven's Für Elise.

  13. Emmanuel U

    Emmanuel UPrieš 12 val

    Who else apart from me saw the name MORBIUS & thought, "FINALLY, A DOCTOR-WHO SPIN-OFF ABOUT MORBIUS!" Then I see that Matt Smith is in this movie...

  14. Wilson Tv

    Wilson TvPrieš 13 val

    Who does spider man have a better chance of seeing first venom or Morbius

  15. Brad Callahan

    Brad CallahanPrieš 13 val

    Marvel is trash. Pass.

  16. Edward Kelly

    Edward KellyPrieš 13 val

    Doctor Who :O

  17. Chris Moreton

    Chris MoretonPrieš 14 val

    It's like Batman but not


    MR. SAMSUNGPrieš 14 val

    Batman 2.0?? Batman wont be happy

  19. Nate Borie

    Nate BoriePrieš 14 val

    And there we go! There’s the Spider-Man Homecoming connection we were hoping for. Welcome to the Sinister Six, Morbius and Tombs.

  20. Channel 69

    Channel 69Prieš 14 val

    Matt Smith to play doc Ock

  21. miniraptorgod

    miniraptorgodPrieš 14 val

    wait why is doctor who here? is he trying to deal with vampires now

  22. Sushant Singh Thakuri

    Sushant Singh ThakuriPrieš 14 val

    Wooh they r gonna connect it with spider man.

  23. Emmanuel J Colmenero

    Emmanuel J ColmeneroPrieš 15 val

    Did someone saw the spiderman of Tobey Maguire?

  24. DaminionC

    DaminionCPrieš 15 val

    Dc Comics: Suicide squad. Marvel: Hold my Beer. Dc Comics has left the chat.

  25. Muhammad Saiful Nazran Mohd Hilmi

    Muhammad Saiful Nazran Mohd HilmiPrieš 16 val

    Wake me up when Sony start making Dr Doom

  26. zag nadja

    zag nadjaPrieš 16 val


  27. hebrew lion

    hebrew lionPrieš 17 val

    My theory, Doc Oct, spray painted murderer on the picture of Spiderman, who he blamed for the death of his wife

  28. chance dyches

    chance dychesPrieš 17 val

    how they get the doctor form doctor who in this?

  29. Marinesoldier54

    Marinesoldier54Prieš 17 val

    I hope Spider-Man comes out for a cameo

  30. Bill Moss

    Bill MossPrieš 17 val

    Yo it’s Toomes!

  31. B. Janisch

    B. JanischPrieš 17 val

    So he is vampire batman? cool

  32. Sara Zagrabska

    Sara ZagrabskaPrieš 18 val

    Żadna sep nieee

  33. A Weirdo On the Internet

    A Weirdo On the InternetPrieš 18 val

    Everyone- this is gonna be in the MCU!!! Me- It’s gonna be in the Raimi Spider-Man canon cuz a) it’s Sony and b) the picture of Spiderman they have in the background at 2:03 is of Tobey’s Spider-Man

  34. foopyu nooui

    foopyu noouiPrieš 18 val

    Jared Leto: Aight then am a head out DC.

  35. Sumeet Kumar Yadav

    Sumeet Kumar YadavPrieš 18 val

    Jared Leto wasn't made for joker. He made for something worse.

  36. foopyu nooui

    foopyu noouiPrieš 18 val

    of i guess.

  37. Cali Cal

    Cali CalPrieš 19 val


  38. D.I.Z Official

    D.I.Z OfficialPrieš 20 val

    Is that the singer from 30 second to mars?

  39. terminatort2t800

    terminatort2t800Prieš 20 val

    Nice, hope they do a Spiderman crossover movie

  40. Handsome Robot Productions

    Handsome Robot ProductionsPrieš 20 val

    "What would it cost?" "Everything...."

  41. jojo dane

    jojo danePrieš 20 val

    i hate herror movies😑😑😑not my type

  42. hectopus focker

    hectopus fockerPrieš 21 val

    Batman: am i a joke to you?

  43. Danny Anderson

    Danny AndersonPrieš 21 val

    Jared Leto was so pissed at DC making a Joker Movie without him, he quit and became a marvel character

  44. ImGlad imYellow

    ImGlad imYellowPrieš 22 val

    Idk. I don’t buy it.

  45. fede sincerità

    fede sinceritàPrieš 22 val

    Film di merda ....solo stronzate....

  46. Fredd Private

    Fredd PrivatePrieš 22 val

    Joker is Batman

  47. Fredd Private

    Fredd PrivatePrieš 22 val

    That DC tone looks cool on Marvel movies

  48. Neil Bernardo

    Neil BernardoPrieš 22 val

    thats cool

  49. Abyaz XD

    Abyaz XDPrieš 22 val

    Nobody commenting on the song? Yikes

  50. The Og One And only Rods

    The Og One And only RodsPrieš 23 val

    DC: Jared were sorry, Joker ain't the move for you. Marvel: Aight say less

  51. Anna Johansone

    Anna JohansonePrieš 15 val

    Gribu. Redzēt par merkakisiem

  52. Half Normal

    Half NormalPrieš dieną

    I didn’t know Doctor Who was in this

  53. Alex Bisso

    Alex BissoPrieš dieną

    Ok, so this will setup Blade i have to believe because of vampires. I hope we get to see a story arc with Venom, Carnage, Morbius, Blade and Spider-Man. A side-MCU story sort of i guess.

  54. Habikki

    HabikkiPrieš dieną

    From Joker To Batman

  55. lazer tag

    lazer tagPrieš dieną

    whats the point if its just another PG13 movie... its held back so much with cheap violence like venom

  56. A2Z Media

    A2Z MediaPrieš dieną fantastic custom bikes and cars

  57. christopher corvino

    christopher corvinoPrieš dieną

    So seeing that Spiderman poster i have to ask this. Which version of Spiderman is this supposed to be? Cause that outfit does not match any of the MCU costumes ive seen. But it does bear a striking similarity to the original Tobey Maguire films costume.

  58. G3nr4l kimloniuz

    G3nr4l kimloniuzPrieš dieną

    Jared: Sony can you make me a better villain 😭 Sony: Say no more!

  59. Andre Kurnia Putra

    Andre Kurnia PutraPrieš dieną

    I tho its Moriarty finding his new secret weapon to fight Sherlock in Movie 3

  60. Quhammad Ali

    Quhammad AliPrieš dieną

    Uhhh Batman?

  61. Attila the killa

    Attila the killaPrieš dieną

    2:05 you know it's serious when they call 'the doctor' in.

  62. Ciel Phantomhive

    Ciel PhantomhivePrieš dieną

    Sois this mcu or like venom

  63. Blavood

    BlavoodPrieš dieną

    Looks like a really sick ManBat adaptation but Morbius? Eeeehhh....ask someone under 30 who Morbius is and they'll you its black guy from Matrix.

  64. Atonio Emmanuel Racika

    Atonio Emmanuel RacikaPrieš dieną

    NGL, this actually looks sick........