Is there anything more stressful than waiting for your test to come back? Don’t worry, we’ve got way more clever tips just like this one to help make you days at school a little bit easier.
In fact, you’ll feel like a darn superstar by the time you learn these hacks! Okay, don’t let it get to your head - pretty soon, we’ll all be experts at these school tricks!
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    0:15 it’s not actually gonna work because what about the markings on the parts where you failed

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    The thumb nail looks like Anthony padilla

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    7:21 Yes, I too, carry an oil container to school as well

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    I Would Not do that

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    U needz to not incorage people to cheat

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    He can’t catch he is not good

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    There is something called POWERSCHOOL

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    soda bottles aren't allowed in school. you can't bring anything but water.

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    There's already x marks on the questions they got wrong...

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    How do they know the answers

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    Kids shouldn't see this

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    0:27 why.. Teachers have grade books so it’s pretty much useless

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    The glue was closed

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    You guys think we r dumd... THE CAP OF THE GLUE IS NOT EVEN OPEN!

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    *gets a d- on a multiplication and division test* Me: I... I did that in 2nd grade...?

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    Also... what is “circle day”?

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    Good luck to the ward

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    Here’s a school hack [ G E T S M A R T E R ]

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    I love These hacks

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    Them: *squeezing the glue bottle* Me:Just open the glue bottle

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    I don't know that much. I,m only in 2nd grade.

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    You guys are just teaching kids to do bad thing because they don’t know what to do

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    The glue cap was closed dont use that hack

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    Them: Kid Friendly Video: Boy putting phone case in girl's Shirt.

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    The reason why no glue came out is because it was CLOSED! 😑

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    At 6:28 Thru 6:58 the glue was closed

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  57. Babytoysk tc. Eggy Review. R

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    I don't wear earings because they hurt

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    At 0:45 you wanted to cheat now your teacher told you to give all the notes you HIDE and then you gave it like you could have say I would never cheat like that guy


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